Sunday, June 28, 2009

Perfect 10

I watched the Charlies Angels series when I was growing up. It was just one of those shows you watched. I remember being mad when Farrah wasnt on the show anymore after the first season. I liked her. She was beautiful. Everything I wasnt but wanted to be. Blonde, perfect body (10) and all the boys in my class loved her. I caught The Burning Bed when it came out. Probably on a Sunday afternoon while folding laundry and nothing else was on. It was good. And she was with Ryan O'Neal. And when I was younger, I thought he was a hottie. How lucky was she!!

I caught the Farrah's Story thing she filmed about her fight (obviously) with cancer. A documentary I guess. All I can say is, wow. What a woman. She faught the war and lost as most do. But what a warrior. She never gave up. It was a heart wrenching show. Here is a woman who was known as "the most beautiful" woman, the Perfect 10. And can I tell you, that documentary showed her at her most unpretty moments. What a gift she gave to all those fighting cancer. To not give up and to do everything you can. Dont go down without giving your all.

She never gave up. I have a feeling she was kicking and screaming right up till the end. RIP Farrah.

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Mrs. Bunker said...

my brother had that poster. I was also covetous of her hair, but I always ended up with some kind of a short bowl cut. swim team hillbilly with fried hair. I thought she was a GODDESS. her departure is harder for me to get my mind around than Jacko's.