Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miss Miss Mucho

Got a new schedule at work that started today. 8am - 4:30pm. It makes my day not suck so bad. But the only caveat is if I'm late more than two times I go back to the old suckier schedule of 8:30-5:00. I'm late every other day. This should be fun. I made it today with 10 minutes to spare. Coulda stayed in bed an extra 10 glorius sleep filled minutes. That mindset is the beginning of my downfall. =0

And Pavlov was totally right about dogs (I think). My alarm went off at 6a vs the normal 6:45a and Remi was all like...??????? Wha??? Why ya gettin up so early??? He KNOWS what time everything is done. When I get up, when I get in the shower, when I'm leaving, when I get home for lunch, after work, go to bed... you get the idea. He has an internal clock that's amazing. He (Jakes pretty good at this too) even knows when we're on weekend schedule. So this means the cute little fuhker is gonna start getting me up earlier on weekends! Arrrrrrrrgh. crap.

And I miss my kid more than usual this week. I hate the Navy this week. I hate that I'm prolly not gonna see her for another month (hopefully thats all), maybe longer. Talking and texting is beginning to not cut it. I'm at the longer than 2 months since I've SEEN her part of my misery. The other mothers out there may get this....I need to touch her, hug her and not only that, smell her. I know it sounds weird. But it is what it is. Whine over.


Gia's Spot said...

Oh I totally get the smell thing! I am frantically searching for a flight so I can get there and see,hear,touch and smell my baby! (and the grandkids and my son-in-law) but pretty much, my baby!! I am a bit luckier than you in that my oldest lives two miles from me, but she is not the touchy feely type and I have to kinda sneak that in during a conversation but the other one on the other hand, will hold my hand while we walk or put her arm around me and walk into places, etc!! Oh no now I'm getting the teary eyes!! Before I sold my business and got this "real" job, I went to FL once a month just cause I could. Now I am stuck here in this bastion of human garbage and smelly drunks and have to work overtime to get comp to take time off get there!! ARGGGGG isnt it supposed to get easier now??
Whew, ok so I am now done with my whining!! lol so sorry about that!
Is that you in the picture or the kid?

peedee said...

Lauren is sooo touchy feely. We love hugs and snuggle time. She's feeling the lack of contact at this point too. We knew this would be the hardest part of her enlistment. Thats her in the pic (when she had hair - lol) with Jake and Remi (when he was a baby). She has no hair now...chopped it all off for Aircrew School since they'd be in the pool everyday all day.

peedee said...

Oh and I hope you see your baby soon. Gets some quality hug time!

Gia's Spot said...

Just booked for July 29th! Yeah! And she surprised me with a day trip out of Ft Lauderdale to Bahama's just her and I.! I told her we were gonna look like lovers cause I wasnt gonna let go! Lol she cracked up!and How happy am I right now <3 it is very rare that I get her alone without the husband and kids!~! SO lovin life right now!
(And your daughter looks a bit hispanic? My girls are half PR !)

peedee said...

lol, that's awesome!!! Find out when your coming back from the day trip. I live literally 2 minutes from the port. Maybe we all can grab a drink on your return. =)

And no she's not Hispanic, although living in So Fla and tanning as well as she does people think it all the time! She's 75% German 25% Hungarian. Got a little gypsy in her lol.

Gia's Spot said...

Sounds like a plan to me!!

Mrs. Bunker said...

I don't know how I'll let go when the time comes, I'll probably want to go to college with my kids.
Save a stool for me.