Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Twofer Tuesday

Fiona Apple has one of the most soulful voices I've ever heard. When she sings it's sexy, sultry and her music is hott! Watch her video's though....she comes across an an angry, skinny, white chick. lol
Just two of my favorites.

I'd actually put this song in my all time top 20.
Fiona Apple - Shadowboxer

Fiona Apple - Sleep to Dream


meleah rebeccah said...

wow. I haven't heard of even thought of Fiona Apple in a long time. I forgot how much I enjoy her music!

Southern Sage said...

I'd do her!

Linda Medrano said...

She's really better than you think she is at first. I've come to really like her stuff too!

Old NFO said...


peedee said...

I've downloaded/ripped the whol Tide CD since I listened to these two songs! I did forget how much I like her!!