Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twofer Tuesday, Kinda.

This post is chock full o' information. Your getting it all at once because as usual my time managment skills suck monkey bawls.

I dont have enough fingers and toes to count the times I could sing the song in the following video in a day. From the assclowns who try to run me over on the road on the way to work, to the IDIOT FLIPPING DOCTORS WHO WONT SIGN THE FUCKING CONTRACT ALREADY. Your current package is $220,000.00. I found your dream job in the city you wanted AND I negotiated full benefits for you AND your family, $10,000.00 CME & Vacation pay, $46,000.00 CASH in your pocket to replace the 401k money you dont get the first year, thereafter they'll put that amount in your 401K, $100,000.00 sign on/relocation bonus and $150.00 per hour (up from $130.00). You will work 12 days a month. $346,000.00 PACKAGE A YEAR YOU ASSHOLE. WHAT IS THERE TO THINK ABOUT???

Lets not forget the dipshits. YEAH, I'M TALKING TO YOU DIPSHIT in line in front of me at every store I go to. Have your G.D. CREDIT CARD READY. You know your gonna pay for your shit with it, why must you rummage through your fake Coach feed bag of a purse for your wallet and then make a 5 minute affair of deciding WHICH CARD to use AFTER the 16 items you're buying in the "10 Items or Less" lane are rung up and bagged already????

Just know I want to kill you all some days. Or at least maime you. Instead I sing quietly to myself. I sing This.

See, I feel better already. =)

And for you working people who couldn't lounge around the house and wait for Lady GaGa's new video to premiere at 12 NOON today......I will give you the the video. Because I'm nice like that. =)
Watch it. Even if you dont want to. Its very interesting. I think she's got a little Dominatrix side to her. I also heard she forbids her dancers to have sex while on tour. Yeah, she's a Dom. ;) I liked the song when it first came out. A lot. I kinda like the video too.

Lady GaGa - Alejandro.

I Want the NEW iPhone4, Sooooooo Badly!!! YES LINNN, I Covet it. lol. AND I'm due for an upgrade to my 3G. I've had mine for a year and a half. =) I'm getting a new iPhone!!!!! YAYAYAYAYYAYAY!!! I've been patiently waiting and now I shall be rewarded. Oh the joy of all the new things it can do!!! Click HERE to see the awesomeness.
And for you Glee fans, here's some Jane Lynch. She really does make me Laugh My Ass Off!!
The Leaked iPhone4 Ad

Ok, I think thats enough for now. But oh wait!!!! Most importantly, Tomorrow Gia from, A Gia's Life is flying into Fort Laudy and we are meeting for lunch!!! YAYAYAYAYYAYAY!!! Then she's gonna meet THE BOYS!!! I'm so excited!!


Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
So much here to digest! Yeah, I like the whip song by the duck better than the whip song by the dom.

She leaves me cold. There's a lot of effort to her work, but it's not hers, it's everyone else's. I don't mean she doesn't design or plan, but that she has no emotional content whatsoever. That's left for the bitch-fest behind the scenes.

This Empress has no clothes.

Last, hooray for you and Gia! Have a great lunch and dish away!

Ann T.

Linnnn said...

I would like to know who the Director of Photography was on Gaga's vid. Holy smokes, genius photography. Of course, I'm going to have nightmares 'til Christmas watching it, but damn, she's got some issues to vent!

Say hey to Gia for us!

Sisu said...

I'm stealing the ducky! I had to avoid the Gaga. The only Gaga video I've seen in the one the guys in Afghanistan did for "Telephone." Also, the only time I've ever heard a Gaga song...I'm sheltered.

Linda Medrano said...

Peedee, in order of appearance:

the little duck song is the greatest! I love it 2nd only to Grand Master Flash "Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge..I'm trying not to lose my head...Sometimes I gotta wonder how I keep from goin' under".

On to Gaga. I ADORE Gaga! She IS performance art. Her talent astounds me! I hear people compare her to Madonna and there is no comparison. Gaga is a diamond and Madonna is a cubic zirconia. I love how wonderfully androgynous she is! And that I have no idea what she really looks like or who she is! She puts all the others to shame in my book! (Okay, Linda, tell us how you really feel.) This latest video is so hot that smoke started rising in my office while it was on! Thanks so much for sharing! And have a wonderful day!

Red Shoes said...

Wait... Im confused... a dominatrix duck? Where did I read that??

Doctors... bleh.... after my last dating fiasco with a doctor, I'm swearing off of them too!!!!!




peedee said...

LOL Annie, GaGa has totally got you fooled!! She wants you to think she has no emotions!!

Yes Linnn, I dug the video just for the camera work alone. Very eye catching!
And I said she has some issues!!

Sisu, you and I have a lot of the same taste in specific music. I just like some of damn near every genre. She doesnt bite!! Watch the video!

Hahaha Linda! I told you that song is good! I sit there sometimes and just sing it to myself. lol It distracts me from wanting to maime dumb people.
And I want you to really tell me how you feel about the Gaga! lol AND we will have to agree to disagree when it comes to Madonna. Nobody is better than Madge. NOOOOO WAY! She started the crazyness. One thing I did think when watching this video was that it was very Madonna-like! Thanks for stopping by hun. Is your boo boo getting better???

And Shoes, I didnt say I wont date Dr's!!! I just said they are a pain in the ass to recruit and place!