Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Too much fun is had when the kid is in town. Way too much. Makes the parting that much harder it seems.

We started Friday afternoon and didnt stop until late Monday afternoon when she left for the airport. 3 days went by in the blink of an eye.

Friday afternoon the family and some close friends went to Rosie's. A local bar/restaurant that we love to hang at. Just a small group as it was early afternoon before everyone got out of work......My parents, Ginger (sister), Steven (brother), Lauren and myself and 3 other friends just sat around had a few beverages and lots of laughs. As usual.
My two favorite silly gooses.

Crazy 'rents that hang like champs at the bar.

Saturday was spent shopping and spending stoooooopid amounts of money on the party that was happening the next day. Saturday night we all (including my parents) went out to another favorite bar to see a friend play a set or two. She's an awesome musician and a good time was had by all.

Sunday dawned sunny, blue sky'd and hot. Perfect for a pool party. We invited over 250 people. Of that amount about 30 or so we new where out of state friends that wouldnt make it. So out of the 220 viable invites, we estimate that throughout the day close to 100 people made it to the party. It was awesome!!

Here are some of the pics from the party.

Ginger and Steven (my younger sister and oldest brother)

Lauren with some good friends from high school

Yes, we had a shooting range set up in my backyard. Just a bb gun and some cans propped up, but everyone eventually made their way over and tried it!
Thats Laurens best friend from college shooting, also named Lauren. We call her little Lauren. Good kid thats thinking of going OCS with the Marines.

Lauren and her pappy hangin out.

Lauren schooled Josh when it came to shooting. In fact she schooled most everyone there. =)

There be some people in that pool.

OK, see that older gentleman and gentlewoman in the center of the picture?? They would be our neighbors. I invite them to every party we have and they never show up. Well, they finally did come!! They are in their late 80's. Sooo cute!! Lauren and I were talking with them and come to find out he was a Lt. in the Navy. He was a pilot and then an instructor!! Lauren was definately into hearing what he did. She talked to him for a good bit and they talked about what he flew and what she did. He was in for a few years and got out in 1942. So he missed the war. Im not sure what he flew, but I want to say he said, Bi-planes. That just doesnt sound right though. I'll have to ask him next time I see him outside exactly what he flew again.

That would be the empty lot across the looked like a parking lot at one point!!

silly goose

A Girl Named Chuck came out and played a couple of sets for us. She loves the Lauren and would do anything for her!!

She makes me smile. =D

Lauren with some more old friends enjoying the show

Chuck was awesome. We have video from the party. If I get unlazy, I'll post some one day. ;)

On Monday, a few of us hung out at the pool just enjoying our last few hours with the sailor. More beverages, more pool and more food. lol
This would be Lauren and little Lauren. Yes, still kids. That is their pool fort.

And they'll shoot you if you get to close. =)

My sister and her girlfriend each have two chihuahua's. We call it the Chihuahua farm when they're around. That would be Lola (Jakes & Remi's cousin) in the back looking like...WTF??

Lauren lovin on her Jake.

By Monday afternoon, these two were done.

They spent Tuesday and Wednesday here. Wiped out.

So thats it. Until the next one. ;)


vixen kitten said...

Great pics!!

It looks like everyone had an good time, even the pups. Can I just say again how handsome your boys are!

I have just one question. Of those 250 invites, did you mistakenly overlook mine? :)

You have reason to be proud of your babygirl. I hope she gets back home again soon.


peedee said...

Ahhhhh Vixen.....250 invites went out on Facebook!! And I'm pretty sure I invited you all here on my blog! lol
And I'm thinking we should hook Honey and Jake up! They'd make an adorable couple!! =)

Old NFO said...

Good pics Peedee- re the Navy LT, if he was an instructor in the early 40's he WAS flying bi-planes, specifically N2S Stearmans, better known as the "yellow peril"...

Ann T. said...

Dear Peedee,
WHAT an Adventure!! Oh, I am so glad you had that much fun!!

I was sitting here smiling through the whole thing. Then I saw poor wee doggies Remi and Jake and I started to laugh, and laugh.

You got the mojo, my friend,
Absolutely fabulous.
Thanks for sharing!!

Ann T.

peedee said...

So cool NFO!! Thanks for the info. Passing it on to Lauren!!

Jake and Remi are still draggin a little. I dont think I'll let them in the pool this weekend Annie. lol pitifull little pups!

Linnnn said...

What a privilege and an honor was extended when your 80 year old neighbors came to visit. They are what Memorial Day was all about and they chose to reach across the decades and greet Lauren. I see a very noble baton being passed there. Welling up a bit...

Momma Fargo said...

Dang it! I wish I was there. How fun does that look. Great pics! And the firing range in the me. Come to my house and we'll shoot things off the deck while we drink. It's awesome fun. Thanks for sharing your weekend adventures. Made me smile!

the observer said...

First time I checked the post was on the BB, and pics are tough to see, but that one of the Chi sitting in the raft, clearly thinking "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?" made me LOL. Such good times! I'm glad you invited the neighbors, cause a big party can be tough on the neighbs. Thank goodness you have that empty lot! 200 people and I'd have to have them park at the school several blocks away.

Thanks for letting us in to your fun!

The Observer, it's a beautiful day in the bloggyhood. (except too hot--need a pool!)

Southern Sage said...

No sweat Vix, she didn't invite me either!!!!

you coulda picked me up o the way!

PD ole Jake had a few too many! I think he is hanged ova!

Awesome pics, and DAMN is everyon you know hot? Sheeeeeesh

Mrs. Bunker said...

sheesh. guess my invite was lost in the mail too?? looks like a fun party, glad you had a good visit with the kid. Looks like she had fun.
AND I too used to be called Chuck. sometimes, or Chuckie. This was in high school and a little part of my mom died every time she head it. Sorry Ma.

peedee said...

Thanks everyone! We had soooo much fun. My brother video taped thruout the day and had a dvd made up. It is sooo good! I'm so glad he caught it all on tape.

And I DID invite you Sage. mmmhm, I did. In fact I'm almost sure I invited all of you! lol

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the pics all!! muahs!