Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sore, Tired and Happy

Summer softball league started this week and I didnt just make it on one team.....not two.....but three teams!!

My goodness I'm beat. Played 3 nights this week and sore is not a strong enough word. But it feels good.

I knew I was playing on Tuesday nights with a non corporate team that a couple of us put together. Its a pretty competative team and we are good. We are talking probably (hopefully) championship good. And my company team is Wednesday nights. I just got called this afternoon to play on another corporate team (Thursdays).

Good stuff and all three teams are good with decent players. That makes me happy 'cause I'm just a little competative. =)

I've also brought a pair of K2 Roller Blades and started doing that instead of walking. 3 months of walking has gotten B.O.R.I.N.G. I havent bladed in over 5 years but apparently its like riding a bike.

When Lauren was around 11 or 12 y/o her and a bunch of neighborhood kids would play roller hocky in the cul-de-sac EVERY afternoon. Another mom and I would play with them. Thats how I learned to skate and I was pretty good. But one of the things learning to skate by playing hockey does is make you dependant on the stick for balance. I have to skate with a hockey stick or I'm not comfortable. Needless to say, I brought a stick when I picked up my blades last week.
These are the K2 blades I got. Aren't they purdy?????

Saturday morning my boss and I met up O'effin bright and early (7:30AM!) and went for a nice 10 mile jaunt. First time out and nothing like going so far I want to puke by the time we were done. We had planned on skating the beach but made the mistake of meeting and parking on the WEST side of the Los Olas bridge. The beach is on the EAST side of said bridge. UGH!

Roller blades + not having skated in 5 years + big ass bridge = OMG, PLEASE DONT LET ME FALL AND BUST MY ASS IN FRONT OF A MILLION PEOPLE.

I did it. lol I was not falling no matter what. Falling hurts!

So thats what I'm doing 4 nights a week. And yes, I even do it on nights I play softball. I go every other night, so if a game falls on a skating night, so be it! I skate to Beach Place and back to my house x's 2 so thats 10 miles for sure. Or I just go from my house to the beach and north for a bit. Either way its good stuff! I missed roller blading and its a good workout! And I'm getting really good at going over the bridge!!

As of last Friday I'm down a total of 37lbs. I'm hoping another 2 - 3lbs when I weigh myself tomorrow. I slacked off for about two weeks right around the time Lauren was in town because I wasnt losing weight and got frustrated. So I decided to just take a break and believe it or not it worked. I actually lost a little weight the weeks I didnt do a whole lot. I still didnt eat that much, but I didn't excercise like I had been. I really think the walking is what was making a huge difference. Anyway, I'm back on track and blading my ass off!

Have a great weekend All!!!!

P.S. Gia and I met and had lunch yesterday down at the Beach!! Then we came back to the compound and she got to meet Jake and Remi!! We hung out by the pool for a bit chit-chatting while the boys swam. I then gave her directions to get to the highway and she was off to spend some time with her daughter and grandkids. It was so cool to hang with her. Love me some Gia!!!

You all know your welcome to stop by or message me if you're ever in Fort Lauderdale. We can meet up and have a bite or a drink and chat about everything! Thats what Gia and I did!!


the observer said...

Oh I envy you finding places to play softball! I've had trouble finding spots to play since moving to KC. I'm hoping for some opportunities through my church now.

I don't do skates. No balance. Fall down all the time. Painful and embarrassing!

Have fun and be careful--wear the appropriate equipment!

peedee said...

Just google Adult Softball KC and I bet you find something!! Thats one of the reasons I love FLA so much...down here we play year round.
And try skating with a hockey makes all the difference in the world. It's kinda like a security blanket and it helps with balance so much.
I can skate without it but I'm much more comfy with it. And ummm, I dont fall so I dont need equipement. ;)

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
Wow, Three Nights???!!! Not only are you going to whup ass, you are going to have a blast!!!!

What do you do when you have to play against yourself in finals!

Because I have NO DOUBT this will come up,

LOL, how to become schizo,

So proud of you.

Ann t.

peedee said...

LOL Annie and thanks! I play on three different nights so thats three seperate leagues. Each night has 4 different sets of teams and each is a different level of play.
So I wont be all Schizo trying to play against myself. =)

Southern Sage said...

Well you fooled me with that title! I wasn't sure what you had been doing. Sounds like fun fun fun. I actually got talked into playing. Accccckkkkkk I always hurt in places I wasn't sure I had when its over!!

Good luck and congrats on the weight loss, I have been finding some, it might be yours!

peedee said...

I wish I was sore from that Sage! I'm working on that situation though! lol
So your a baller too! Nice. It'll be good for you. Keep you young!!

Old NFO said...

Softball IS a workout, especially on a competitive team :-) Be careful with the skating, as people just DON'T watch out for walkers, joggers, OR skaters!

peedee said...

I guess softball is a workout NFO, but it just doesnt feel like it is. There's a lot of standing around. lol. I'm careful. I skate like I ride my Vespa, on the defensive. I see them way before they see me!

Mrs. Bunker said...

I throw like a girl.
Really, I do everything but flip my wrist. It's a major flaw I know, I'm doing everything to ensure that I don't pass this shortcoming along to my offspring.

Glad you & Gia had a good time (jealous!)
keep tearin' it up!