Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Twofer Tuesday & Just call me Grace

First things first....Its TwoFer Tuesday Bitches!!! Did you really think I'd forget that?? Please. Hell no!!

Its a TBS type of week. I need loud, hard music and these guys satisfy the need.
Taking Back Sunday - Your So Last Summer

And my fave song of theirs.
Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without the E.

And updates...

1. Dont worry about jinxing anything. It imploded. I mean the cute, nice guy thing. And I'm ok with it. Recently seperated with two teenagers doesnt work for me. Figure out what you want buddy. I don't need another friend with benefits. Just sayin.

2. I finally busted my ass on the rollerblades. Well not my ass exactly or my knees. I was cruising along at a fair clip, ie: fast!! Didnt pay attention for a split second and hit a rock. FUCKER. My right rollerblade immediately stopped, my left rollerblade tried to save me and it was not to be. What is in motion, stays in motion.
After the left rollerblade realized I was doomed, the right decided to help and in the process pulled its hamstring from midthigh right up into the big ass butt. Once the right leg wasnt working anymore the mind kicked in because it realized our body was in the middle of A1A in late rush hour traffic. So said body launched about 3 feet into the air attempting to reach the bike lane again and landed with all the body's weight on outstretched arms and destroyed the right shoulder on impact. Thank you to all the hot dudes in the BMW's who stopped and rolled down your window asking my buddy, "Is she ok?". Dudes, a little mouth to mouth might have helped. Once again, Just Sayin.
I'm not even telling the details of the injuries until I know for sure. Just know its bad enough that I didnt play softball tonight. And anyone that knows me, KNOWS I dont miss softball unless I'm physically not able to participate.

3. Temporarily back to walking for excercise. I need my right arm to rollerblade. And when the right arm will NOT leave the side of your body, rollerblading is not an option. I flippen hate walking now. But I refuse to get fat again. Walk I will.

2 days till I see my Bug. =)


Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
Oh, no!! Epsom salts, right? Big hot bath.

Take good care of yourself because in two days you will want to be doing every darn thing there is to do!

Good luck and much love,

Gia's Spot said...

Oh no! Deja vu? I seem to recall our conversation at Lulu's,. the reason I would not start rollerblading again? yup, you now know firsthand what I know I would do! Oh I hope it won't affect your hugging the bug ability?? Heal fast and I hope it is only superficial and not surgery bad!

Momma Fargo said...

Ouch! Like a horse, get up on those rollerblades again, cowgirl! LOL. Take care. Be well for the big holiday weekend!

In3Dee said...

kee-rap! That hurt just reading it. Heal, and get back on the blades. It's more fun. ;)

meleah rebeccah said...

Ouch! I'm sorry to hear about your injury and the break-up! But at least you can look forward to spending the holiday weekend w/ your daughter!!

the observer said...

I'm glad you didn't fall on your hard head, miss I-don't-need-protection-to roller-blade! Hopefully, nothing is too messed up and a little rest, and you'll be back at it.

Sorry about the dood...remember, you don't come cheap.

I love your new header pic--Labradors in their natural habitat--water!

Have a safe and sane Four of July with your kiddo. :-)

Angelia Sims said...

Well that sux big monkey gonads, yo!

Hopefully it's just a burn and will be okay. I got lucky like that with my ankle that I thought I sprained in the kid's bouncey house. Just a little muscle pull. Phew!

You deserve the best! If he wants you, he'll decide.

Sent you a FB msg with my number. Holla!

peedee said...

Annie, my parents have a hot tub in their bathroom. I soaked for two hours the other night. It helped a lot!!

lol Gia, yes I remember that conversation!! I'll hug the kid no matter what hurts! And we'll know what the damages are after the MRI. =/

Shhhhh, dont tell anyone Momma, but I went blading tonight. lol My shoulder felt a little better today and I could actually move it so I just HAD to get back on the blades for the reason you said. I was a little leery at first but back up to speed in about a quarter mile. =) Plus I think I'm addicted to skating. lol

Dee your right. The thought of walking tonight got me back on the blades. ;)

Thanks Meleah. I cant wait to see that kid! And I dont consider it a breakup. More of a trial run that we both decided wasnt gonna work. He is still hung up on his ex and he needs to figure that shit out before he starts trolling again. dumb boy.

Ok Miss Observer...I didnt hurt anything that would have been saved by wearing protection!! lol You cant wear shoulder protection!! And I didnt even skin my knees!! I actually think I fell the way I did so I wouldnt hurt them!! =) And wait till you see the other pics from this weekend!! I had the flippen camera in the pool with me! lol Not smart but it made for some good shots.
And Im gonna have a blast with the kid this weekend!! I'm sooooo pumped!! One more day to go!!

Right on Ange. I'll except nothing but the best. =)
I'll call you friday or saturday and we'll set up a place to meet near the stadium for breakfast. We're doing the 11am tour I think. =) I'm excited to meet you and Jason!! YAY!

vixen kitten said...

Damn, can't I take a few weeks off withoutcha going out and meeting some dork ass AND darn near killing yourself?

Seriously, men are over rated pains in the ass. Come over to the dark side! *snort*

Now, about this rollerblading thang. Please tell me you wear some kind of padding/protection?

K....I'll be quiet now!