Monday, May 24, 2010

Pool Day Play Date

The boys had a buddy over today to play in the pool. JD belongs to Cory, who's a friend of my sister and I.

Remi was very serious all day. He's not the most social beast on four legs. He knows JD so he tolerates him. Little brat doesnt realize that JD is bigger, older and stronger and could take his ass out in a heartbeat.

WWII Flying Ace Jake, aka: Maverick

WWII Wingman to Maverick - Remi, aka: Goose

And yet another WWII Flying Ace was in our presence today, JD, aka: Iceman

Iceman Flies!!!

Another successful mission for the Iceman.

Remi and David
(mmmmmmhm ladies, we dont give a shit about Remi in this pic now do we???)

JD Loves his daddy

JD Takin a break


I wuv my brubber!

Love, Love, Love this boy!! <3

Got goggles?

Great day shared with great company!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Man, I LOVE the goggles! David, not so much. But that's just me.


Ann T. said...

Dear Peedee,
What fun! I also love the goggles!
But I love that Jake, by association. He is a great dog.

Muah, have a good week, my successful friend! Running, jogging, working and playing,

Ann T.

peedee said...

lol, your not supposed to like David BZ. ;)

And Annie, the boys had soooo much fun!! And I love them both to pieces, but Jake does hold a special place in my heart. <3

Sisu said...

Was Remi actually in that picture with David? :) Where does one get those goggles? Looks like a fun day! It's 49 degrees here! And yes, I am wearing shorts.

peedee said...

Remi who?? LOL!
And your gonna catch a cold girl!!! It was low 90's here all weekend I think?? Stoopid hot, but I'll take it over the insane cold we had this winter. ;)
And here for the Doggles:

Linda Medrano said...

What a fun day! My kind of party! Love those bathing beauty pups!

the observer said...


Doggles--I love it.

What is it about Labradors anyway?

First hot weather has arrived--broke out the shorts on Saturday for the first time. Pale pasty legs for all to see!

Old NFO said...

Good ones :-) I hadn't seen that type of goggles...

meleah rebeccah said...

OMG! These doggies could not be any cuter!

peedee said...

Linda they are some beauties! They do this every weekend. lol

The Observer, sometimes they kill me with cuteness! And the Doggles are JD's. You see how he wore them without trying to get them off. My boys didnt like them at all! Yay for warm weather finally!!

Thanks NFO. =)

And yes Meleah big furry cuties!

Angelia said...

Oh my Gawd! Best play date EVER!
Those googles rock.

vixen kitten said...

Gaaaaa, those are the cutest pics I've ever seen!

Honey needs a pair of those goggles!

David wasn't bad either! I usually lean in the opposite direction, but ummmmm yea....he's rather cute! I did notice Remi first!

I've been having computer issues, so please excuse my lateness with this comment.

Hope you and the pups have been happy and smiling!


peedee said...

You have an open invitation Ange!! Bring the Sam over!!!

An vk, no worries, hope you get fixed up soon!! I sent you an email with link to the website for the goggles. =)