Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yeah, back to randomosity. I have a couple of things to say and not one thing relates to the other. Go figure.

I got the race results from Active.com for my 5K this past weekend. I didnt do that bad really. In my age catagory 40-44 I was the oldest at 44 out of the 17 runners in the group. I placed 13th. =) I actually beat my goal of 15 minute mile with a personal best pace of 14:53. =) And out of a total of 257 participants I placed 184th. =) Overall I'm calling it a success.

Everyday I go home for lunch. I could bring my lunch but I miss my boys. Its a reason to see them! =) Today while I was there my dad was working on a project in my yard. He had to go into the pool area in his yard to get pavers and bring them over. He at one point thought I'd left and brought the dogs inside. He didnt close the gate to the pool. And THE DOGS WEREN'T INSIDE. Mainly REMI wasnt inside. Remi swims just to swim. Its the reason we had to put a fence around the pool area. Needless to say Remi spotted his chance to take a swim. I had to go back to work!!! Remi's new thing is to act like a 5 year old and refuse to get out of the pool. No really. Watch.

Sometimes promises of cookies work. Sometimes not.

He listens real well doesnt he. =/
Bubble Gum is usually a sure thing. Sometimes not.

I'm shopping for my bike, very soon. I said that with a smile. Could you tell??
Its time and more importantly my father and I were talking the other day about how I still want my own bike. STILL after all these years. I told him I'm gonna get one eventually. He said, "Why dont you get one now."



Time stood still, kinda. I felt like I was in the Matrix and everything was moving really slow.

I look left

Then right

Did anyone else hear him say that too???

WTF??? This is the man that has said multiple times over the years, "You can get a motorcycle over my dead body". Hmmmmmm, he's still alive I think. lol Ya know what??? I ain't sayin another word about it. Im just gonna go get one. =)

This might be the happiest day I've had in quite some time. I'm shopping!! I want to buy the bike with cash so it might take me 3 or 4 months to save the dough up. But saving I am!!! Today I took $100.00 bucks out of my checking and put it in my savings account. Not my savings account at the bank but my savings account in my secret spot in my closet. Believe it or not, its easier to save if I do that. When its in the bank I can spend it much easier. Finally!! I won't have to bug my buddies to borrow their bikes just to get my thrills and satisfy my need for speed. Ahhhhhh, the freedom!!

I think I'm going to get a used bike. A 2009 preferably. That way I'm not paying the rapist cycle shops top dollar for a new bike that they love to give to the top bidder. I'll save a bunch of money this way. And there are plenty of bikes out there that people buy and ride for a year and decide they want to upgrade. Its a plan!!!!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!
Hello Kawasaki Ninja 250R Sport. Come to Momma!!

The previous happyness is eclipsed by the following....The sailor is coming home for the weekend and should be here sometime Friday. We've planned a Memorial Day BBQ Blowout and are going to remember our hero's who gave all and hoist a beer in honor of them. Between Lauren and I, we invited 175 people and I think we will have well over 200 people by the time Ginger gets her people on the list. Facebook is an amazing tool for planning events, then getting the word out. Oh and we have live music too!!
A Girl Named Chuck is a good friend of the family. She loves Lauren to death and would do anything for her. So when Ginger asked her the other night if she wanted to do a little show at our place for the party, without hesitation she said yes. So cool!!

So thats it I guess. I gotta go now. I'm drooling over motorcycles on the web. =)


Sisu said...

"Forget you, Mom! I'm swimmin'!" I love the up to the steps...aaaaaannnnnd back to the middle!

peedee said...

I told you he was like a 5 year old. Pain in the ass! It took me almost 20 minutes to get him out. lol

Momma Fargo said...

I think I snorted up my water watching your dog videos. OMG. Funniest dang thing ever. LMAO. I'm still laughing.

The music video was so sweet and she is very good!

The motorcycle...now we have to talk. You know cops call them murdercycles only because of other drivers. This one...looks a little fast and dangerous. I'm going to worry about you. [big sigh] It will be like Remi in the pool trying to get you off that thing. LOL.

peedee said...

Remi makes me laugh everyday Momma. He's my jokester. =)
And yes Chuck is good. I actually like her live vs her recorded stuff. Lotsa talent there.
And when I was a medic we'd call them "donorcycles". No worries Momma, I actually have been riding most of my life. I just wasnt allowed to have one of my own. (yes, not allowed, pffffft).

And this bike is quick but its only 250cc's. It a beginner bike. Top speed is 115mph I think. I know thats fast but doesnt mean I'm goin that fast. Anyway, some other bikes top out at 200mph. =) I'm good. Promise!

Jen said...

OMG that Remi is a bad dog! Bubble gum! Of all things! I have a dog like Remi, he goes in the lake and swims around until you pull him out which when it gets busy up there with all the kids could be hours. He has to be locked in the house to keep him from going back in. Next time I will try bubble gum.

Nice bike!

Mrs. Bunker said...

Hey Peedee, Congratulations on your success!
I'm back from blog hiatus & I've been wondering if you were keeping up with the running. Was it fun??

getting ready for a 10K yet?

hats off to your accomplishment, I'm not really sure about the whole bike thing...
anyway. enjoy the warm glow of victory and wear a helmet.

Capt. Schmoe said...

There is nothing like coming home to yips, yelps and wagging tails.

I am a big fan of ratholing money away for hobbies, vacations etc.

As a participant of several expensive hobbies - jeeping, shooting, photography and flying (back in the day)I have developed a strategy for amassing cash without hitting the family budget too hard.

I save change and I save one dollar bills. Every day, I empty my pockets of change and put it into a 5 gallon water bottle. Every few days, I empty my wallet of ones and hide them away.

I never help the cashier by giving up coin to reduce the coin back and I never pay with ones. That way the change adds up quicker.

Last month, I cashed in 600 in coin and 1100 in ones, added cash that I had received for gifts over the years as well as a few rebate gift cards and some poker winnings then dumped it into 2600 worth of mods to my jeep.

My method works I tell you. Good luck, keep your eye on the prize.

Linda Medrano said...

This has to be the best post ever! I love that naughty boy dog! He's awesome! And getting your darling girl home for the weekend! What's better than that??? Also, a motorcycle? You go Girl! You just gave me such a vicarious thrill I'm revved up too! Thanks Peedee, I'm feeling the joy!

Linda Medrano said...

I have an award for you at my site. If you don't like awards, you don't have to do it, Peedee, but since you rock, it's there if you like awards!

the observer said...

Oh, this just made me laugh! You're almost as much a little kid as your silly dog! And that is not a bad thing.

Such a tease the dog--and my cats do that thing, you know, the come close then run away thing...sometimes, you want to wring their furry necks!

I have mixed feelings about motorcycles. Done safely, it is safe. Done stupid, not safe. I hear the classes are very good for learning how to ride safely and proficently.

The Observer

PS: Dad maybe is coming around to the idea that you are mature and grown up (maybe?)

peedee said...

Jen, if I EVER let Remi in the lake behind my house I'm pretty sure I'd be swimming in it to get him out. THAT is not happening. There is always a slight chance of alligators. I dont do alligators. lol

EDITHHHHH!!!! I've missed you girl!! I did the 5k but didnt like doing the 5k. Did I feel accomplished after?? Yes. Do I need to feel that accomplishment again?? NO. lol
When you come down here I'll take you for a ride on the bike!! Missed you girl!!

Great idea Capt!! I already save change, but I'm gonna add the dollar bills. I only need to come up with about $3,000.00 I think. Thats not that bad really. And WELL DONE on your part!! Thats a lot of money!!

Thank you Linda! He is such a funny boy and I do love him so! He is my special child and he gives me much joy.
Everything this week is giving me joy! lol And thank you very much for the award. I'm honored. I will accept and post as soon as this crazy long weekend is over. ;)

LOL The Observer. I am a big kid. Admittedly. ;) And dont worry too much about me on the bike. I've ridden them all my life, this is just the first one I'll own. Dad lost his only mind that day. I'm sure of it. I'm NOT asking again. =) I'm running with it!!!

Old NFO said...

Good one :-) Sounds like a 'full' life... especially with the dogs...LOL Enjoy the time with your daughter, and tell her I said thanks for her service!

peedee said...

Thanks NFO =) I will relay your tks to Lauren and I'd like to say Thank You for your service!!!

Linnnn said...

Remi was HI-LARIOUS! Your dialogue was even FUNNIER. "Ok, come on out, come on...there ya go...doh!" My black lab Wild Bill did the same thing to me in a lake. Had to take a boat out after him. He was grinning the whole time so I know he was amused...

meleah rebeccah said...

and when you get that bike, Im going to want to take a ride on the back with you!

peedee said...

Haha Linnnn, if you could only hear the one sided dialogue that goes on constantly around here. =) I'd never let Remi in the lake behind the house or the ocean without a rope attached. He'd never come back!!

And get ur butt down here Meleah!! I love to take people on rides!!