Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Walk

So I've been walking to the beach and back at least 4, sometimes 5 nights a week for the past month or so. According to mapquest its 4 miles and takes me about 50 minutes to complete. Last night I decided to take pics to show you my path and all the fun things I get to look at along the way.

I must say, I felt like a tourist with my iPhone out taking pics. lol

My walk takes me down a short road from my house to one of the main roads that leads to the beach. My Beach! I've been here 20 years and I still laugh a little and smile when I think I live this close to Ft. Lauderdale beach. Kinda makes me giddy. =)

I pass no less than 10 restaurants on my walk. 4 Italian, 3 Mexican, 1 Sushi (that happens to be my favorite ever!), 1 sub shop and the best Chinese food EVER - PF Changs. Every single one of them smells sooooo good. I cant wait to eat again. Although I have actually had sushi a couple of times since I've been on this diet.

(click on pics to enlarge and read my witty remarks)

Soon after I pass that, good ole' PF Changs awesome smells are wafting my way.

My watering mouth and grumbling stomach are given a break for a little bit as I approach the bridge over the intracoastal waterway. The halfway point is looming....

But alas, as soon as I get to the bottom of the bridge an Italian AND Mexican restaurant await me...

The pics in this part of the post are for Capt Schmoe and Lt. Morse...firemen/rescue stuff!
Fire Station 13. The coveted Beach station.

I actually snapped this on my way back. When I saw it I thought of you Capt and the post you did last week.

There is a story behind this sign thats on the parking lot fence of the firehouse that sits on the frontside of a county park.

Sooooooo many memories behind this sign. It was put up probably 15 years ago. Imagine Lauren, 4 or 5 years old, golden tan from a day at the beach, still sandy and standing in front of that gate with 10 racoons surrounding her. Some are reaching up for the cheese doodle she offers, others waiting patiently, a little too shy to get that close. The locals new about the racoons for years and an occasional tourist would get lucky and stumble upon the gathering. The racoons gathered at dusk everyday, trained by the constant presence of locals who would feed them everything and anything. Sometimes a cop would stop and shoo us away. Now its a crime to feed them. Ever since the sign went up I've not seen one racoon.

Now on with the journey. I'm gettin close to the prize now...

And the prize. Worth.Every.Step.

The sunset behind me was reflecting in the giant stormclouds from that afternoon. I want to stop, sit, take it in for just a little while but I dont. I'm on a mission so I snap a pic and turn back for the return trip home.

The sky was on fire last night.

Walking back over the bridge with a quick pic looking northward on the intracoastal.

The rest of the trip is uneventful and the sun was going down too fast to get any more viable pics with a phone so thats it! If anyone wants to join me, I leave an hour before sunset. Its gettin hot!! I cant imagine how fun this is going to be when its 93degrees and 100% humidity. ugh! lol

I really am lucky. I do love Fort Lauderdale and MY beach. =)

I snapped this tonight on my walk since I forgot to last night! ;)

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!!


Mrs. Bunker said...

Diet? I'm so far out of the loop here. AWESOME beach, great pics. Has it really been a month??

Sisu said...

That's beautimous! My beach is 2 hours away and freaking arctic I will lust after yours.

Capt. Schmoe said...

Wow, a station at the beach with it's own drill tower and raccoons. where do I sign up?

As soon as I saw the no feeding raccoon signs I knew there was a story behind it, I didn't however, think that you and Lauren would be involved.

Looks like you have a great route to walk to the beach.

Thanks for the post,
A jealous Schmoe

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
It looks awesome. I would want to walk it too. And the beach is surefire peace in the brain. That ocean roar tends to drown out the inner white fuzz.

But I Must Say,
It would be hard to diet along that walk.

Want to try every one,

The Queen said...

I loved the tour.. thank you.. we have had such a horrid winter here.. I needed this..

peedee said...

YES Edith, its been darn near a month. While you've been cavorting around the globe hanging out on tropical beaches I've been starving myself to try and be as thin as you someday. ;)

Lust away Sisu. Maybe someday we'll share a frosty beverage on that beach!

LOL Capt, FTL Fire is hiring! And can you believe I never got one pic of the raccoons in all the times we fed them. Bad mommy!

I've eaten at every one of the restaurants along the path. Multiple times over the years! We shall do PF Changs when you visit. Its soooo good!

So sorry you had a nasty winter Queenie. Ours was bad here too, but I'm sure not nearly as bad as yours. lol

Old NFO said...

Nice pics and a nice walk!

Mrs. Bunker said...

I forgot to tell you I fell in love. Her name is May and she's a lab mix, 7 y/o sweet lap dog who's way too big to be a lap dog. I met her when I took the kids to the shelter to visit some kittens. I don't know if The Boy's allergies will permit, but she's SO sweet.

peedee said...

Thanks NFO. =)

And you need to get the dog Edith! The Boy will be ok. I think they can give allergy meds for "dog allergies" now. lol