Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For Sisu - Lets play Calvinball for your Birthday!

I've been reading Sisu's Verbal Incontinence blog since I started reading blogs just over a year ago.

She is funny, sarcastic, patriotic, sassy and crazy. Plus she delivers babies for a living. Hello?? Does it get any more fun than that? She's raising two boys as a single parent after losing her soulmate way too soon. And doing it right. From what I can gather she gives huge doses of love, humor and guidance. They're all going to survive each other and look back one day and realize how much fun they've had.

Today is her birthday and as a tribute I give her a blog post and something else she loves probably as much as I do.

Calvin & Hobbes. I love certain running themes that Bill Watterson did with the comic. One of my favorite was Calvinball. I could totally see myself playing Sisu in Calvinball. lmao!!

The Calvinball theme song:

Other kids' games are all such a bore!
They've gotta have rules and they gotta keep score!
Calvinball is better by far!
It's never the same! It's always bizarre!
You don't need a team or a referee!
You know that it's great, 'cause it's named after me!

(click on the comic to enlarge)

And we can not forget the official "no rules" rulebook...

The Unofficially Official Rules of Calvinball

1.1. All players must wear a Calvinball mask (See Calvinball Equipment - 2.1). No one questions the masks.

*IMPORTANT -- The following rules are subject to be changed, amended, or dismissed by any player(s) involved.

1.2. Any player may declare a new rule at any point in the game. The player may do this audibly or silently depending on what zone (Refer to Rule 1.5) the player is in.

1.3. A player may use the Calvinball (See Calvinball Equipment - 2.2) in any way the player see fits, from causal injury to self-reward.

1.4. Any penalty legislation may be in the form of pain, embarassment, or any other abasement the rulee deems fit to impose on his opponent.

1.5. The Calvinball Field (See Calvinball Equipment - 2.3) should consist of areas, or zones, which are governed by a set of rules declared spontaneously and inconsistently by players. Zones may be appear and disappear as often and wherever the player decides. Zones are often named for their effect. For example, a corollary zone would enable a player to make a corollary (sub-rule) to any rule that has been, will be, or might be declared. A pernicious poem place would require the intruder to do what the name implies. Or an opposite zone would enable a player to declare reverse playibility on the others. (Remember, the player would declare this zone oppositely by not declaring it.)

1.6. Flags (Calvinball Equipment 2.3) shall be named by players whom shall also assign the power and rules which shall govern that flag for particular moment in that particular game.

1.7. Songs are an integral part of Calvinball and verses must be sung spontaneously through the game when randomly assigned events occur. These random events will be named and pointed out after the player causes the event.

1.8. Score may be kept or disregarded. In the event that score is kept, it shall have no bearing on the game nor shall it have any logical consistency to it. (Legal scores include 'Q to 12', 'BW-109 to YU-34, and 'Nosebleed to Trousers'.)

1.9. Any rule above that is carried out during the course of the game may never be used again in the event that it causes the same result as a previous game. Calvinball games may never be played the same way twice.

Calvinball Equipment

2.1. Mask - All participants are required to wear a mask.

2.2. Calvinball - A Calvinball may be a soccerball, volleyball, or any other reasonable or unreasonable, spherical or non-spherical object.

2.3. Calvinball Field - The Calvinball Field should be any well-sized field, preferably with trees, rocks, grass, creeks, and other natural hindrances to health.

2.4. Miscellaneous - Other optional equipment include flags, wickets (especially of the time-fracture variety), and anything else the players wish to include.

** This rulebook is not required, nor necessary to play Calvinball.


Linnnn said...

I can so totally see you playing Calvinball! A game totally based on anarchy suits you, and Sisu and me to a T. Happy Birthday Sisu! Oh I'll just go visit her blog to do that too!

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
What fun! Now here's a game that prepares you for Real life!!

Happy Birthday to your friend,

Hey, first one to say happy birthday while standing with their right foot inside of a wicket gets three points!!!!!!!

Ann T.

Southern Sage said...

LOL@ C&H one of the only comics I ever liked!

I would win at Calvinball!

Sisu said...

Peedee, you so rock! And I love the birthday greetings with my old avatar! We are so on for Calvinball if I ever get back to FL. (Since the Nav is dragging the wife there after Bahrain, it will probably happen in 2 years or so) Thanks, man!

peedee said...

Ur all invited to play Calvinball with us!! And Sage I'm pretty competative... dont think I wont take ur ass down just cause your a cowboy!

And ur welcome Sisu! Hope you had a great Birthday! I'm really looking forward to a visit some day!!

meleah rebeccah said...

Aw. Happy Birthday to Sisu! Now Im dying to check out her blog!