Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blog Bling #2!!

I had a rough March to say the least. And your all thinking.....YES peedee, WE KNOW. I feel like I've blabbed/blogged the whole horrid mess but when I go back and read all my post I assure you, its just the tip of the iceberg. If I'd blogged it all you surely would know how insane I truly am.

One person/fellow blogger does know. She gave advice, she listened to my rants, she cheered, she encouraged and gave me confidence that I was moving in the right direction. She gave me insight into her own personal world. She might have single handedly helped me save myself and continue climbing up and out. All via email and a phone call. ;)

The power of words is amazing and she's got the gift people. If you have not been to her blog, please do. You will learn something from her diverse post on history, poetry, life and the goings on in the world. Her comments on my and others posts can be rip roaringly funny. Ann T. Hathaway is my friend. And I'm pretty damn lucky for that. Go say hello. You wont regret it.

Ann gave me some blog bling! Once again building my confidence and giving me a lift when I need it.
Thank you Ann, I'm humbled by your gift of You're Going Places, Baby Award. How timely!

Now I get to tell you five things about myself (large or small)(part of accepting the award). Hmmmmmm, what do you guys NOT know already???

1) I've had 3 heart surgeries. All ablations, so not super serious or anything. It just took three tries to get the arrythmia to mostly stop. They didnt get all of it and cant thru catheters. But "elective" open heart is not an option I'm willing to do so the occasional pvc stays as long as it doesnt cause the SVT. Which it hasnt so good choice on my part. I dont need another scar. ;)

2) I'm a tomboy. Not A Surprise I'm sure. BUT I love girly things. I get pedicures every other week, my hair did once a month and I love historical romance novels. I love pretty things, I just wont wear them. lol I also love to smell good. I have at least 10 different purfumes. My kid calls me a purfume whore. My current favorite scent is Dolce & Gabana - Light Blue.

3) My biggest regret in life is not going to med school and becoming a doctor. I love medicine and especially emergency medicine. I'm pretty sure I would have been a kick ass dr.
If I only knew then what I know now.

4) I cry at sappy commercials and movies. It really doesnt take much and I'm a blubbering mess.

5) When I was younger John Wayne was my favorite actor. I watched all his movies and most more than once. I was in 8th grade when he died and I was devistated. I was so sad my mom let me stay home from school that day.

Ok That was harder to do than it sounded! Now I get to give The Bogey to some of my fav blogs!

Meleah at Momma Mia, Mea Culpa is a big part of my decision to make some changes in my life and actually get started on them. She's an inspiration and really funny. Here's to making a difference in a lot of peoples lives girl!!

Michael over at Rescuing Providence consistently writes great posts about his work as a paramedic. Am I partial because I was a Paramedic?? Probably, but I can honestly say I worked with some bad, some good and a few great medics in my day. I woulda given my left arm to work beside him because He Is one of the great ones my friends.

Enjoy them and the rules are: As Ann T. put them...
Tell 5 things about yourself (big or small) and keep the chain, link to me and then to your future awardees. That way people can backtrack their way across the blogosphere

Once again, Thanks Annie!!! MUAH!


Ann T. said...

OMG, peedee!

I'm blushing over here. Now who feels humble? Ay!

I didn't give you the award b/c you needed a crutch--you've singlehandedly renewed my interest in music AND, for anybody who gets this far,

if you have to climb out of a well, it's good to have peedee talkin' on the climb right next to you!

Thanks for such a moving tribute,
and <3 times 3,

I've leaned on you as much as you leaned on me.

Ann T.

Southern Sage said...

I'll hit up Ann after this.

Excellent list. Dang that is a lot of surgery!

What is the opposite of a tomboy? Hmmmm something to ponder.

peedee said...

lol Annie I am a blabber huh. lol <3 ya my sista.

And Sage, they werent big old open heart surgeries. They are just like cardiac cath surgeries. In fact they are caths. Not a big deal though. And umm, the opposite of a tomboy is all those hottie chicks on ur page. lol

Southern Sage said...

well any heart stuff hasta be fairly intense! I'd be against them putting anything into my pumping station unless it was pretty dang needed.

and bwhahahahahaahhaah
that tickled me about opposite of tomboy.

I meant though if they call a girl who digs sports or like to work on cars or get dirty or whatever a "tomboy" wat is the proper phrase for a guy that likes to play with dolls or combs their hair or whatever?

Have you every heard of a Jillgirl?

so there is no, that I am aware of, name that describes the guy who is feminine that compares to tomboy?!

peedee said...

girlyman. ;)
And I believe metrosexual is the new girlyman.

My calling myself a tomboy is because I've heard it all my life. And yes I adhere to all those traits you listed. Getting dirty is fun, love me some muscle cars and cant get enough sports. Its also a defense because its assumed I'm gay all the time and I'm not. I say, "No I'm not gay I'm just a tomboy".

Southern Sage said...

nothing at all wrong with being a tomboy, I have an 11 year old one living here now.

I just wondered what it was called in reverse, I would assume "sissy" would be what most folks would say but Jillgirl made me laff.

LOL@ assumed you are gay! Ha
that tickled me for some reason. Why do folks assme that? Because you are a tomboy?

Michael Morse said...

Hey, thanks Peedee! I appreciate the award, I'm a bit underwater at the moment but I'm thinking of the five things right now. I should just write them quick, but of course I won't that would be too simple!

peedee said...

I guess thats why Sage. ;)

And your more than welcome Michael. I know your "swamped" right now. Be safe please.