Monday, April 26, 2010

Let the Earthquake begin

Damn tan lines. Yeah, I told you they werent much but I Will Do My Part Damnit!!! And shout out to Vicky's Secrets without which there would be NO cleavage. ;)

Fuhk Iran. Thats all this is about for me. Since I was a wee one Iran is the devil. Evil people/clerics spewing idiocy and abusing women. Not much has changed since I was little and THATS a long time ago.

If you want me to post ur cleavage......send me the link or the pic!!

Leslie at Omnibus has her Earthquake worthy cleavage out too!!

Nancy over at Garden Spot is showing her lovely flowers today as well!

OK all, my childhood friend Meredith wants in! So in she gets! Now this is some cleavage!! Makin me all jealous and shit Mer!!

Ok Ladies....Sage over at Welcome to Sageville has some cleavage (?) for us. I dont know about you all but thats one hawt cowboy right there!

Major earthquake hits off Taiwan coast
Although it hit reaaaaaaaaaally early...before I had my girls out in public...

and other reports of an earthquake in Texas today.
WTF Ladies??? Really?? We can cause earthquakes??


Old NFO said...

Wouldn't do me any good... since I have NONE :-) Oh yeah, I haven't heard of any earthquakes, so y'all must not be shakin' it enough :-)

peedee said...

If you had cleavage NFO, we kindly refer to that as Moobs. Moobs are not becoming on a man. ;)

Omnibus Driver said...

I cross-posted here. You go, girl!

Southern Sage said...

hehe good boobage! You have my submission.

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
You crazy nut! I guess you took it in the bathroom mirror?

Tips, please . . .

Oh, BTW, nice job! ahhh, tableau I mean.

Old NFO, it might be nice for me for you to show whatcha ain't got. Just sayin'.

Ann T.

Mrs. Bunker said...

I'm desperately trying to find that cleavage-creating brashire (that's what the gym teacher used to call them). So far all I've got here is prairie land. Can I just go with a pic. of my new shoes instead? they're a bit trashy. In fact, they may have something to do with the recent volcanic activity in Iceland.

peedee said...

Yay Leslie!! I linked ya in my post! Viva la boobs!!

Thanks Sage...want me to use the one you sent last night?? ;)

LOL Annie, actually just held the camera out and snapped! I wont tell you how many tries it took till I got one that I'd even consider posting! lol

Edith, get ur damn boobs out and take a pic. I did it with my little B's so you can too!

Old Knudsen said...

I have a need for cleavage today for some reason, oh and do you want to see my motorboat?

yes Iran have taken turns with Iraq as the bad uns, in the 80's they were suicide bombing us in the UK and shooting female police officers. Its a shame as there are so many in Iran that don't want the crazy shit the clerics in power pull.

USA_Admiral said...

I think it turned into a spectator sport.

Moobs should be outlawed.

peedee said...

ummmmmmm, NO Soren. lol

Admiral and we didnt think this would happen?? lol I saw more moobs on the beach yesterday than should be legal. Good thing they were balanced out by the HAWT lifeguard! ;)

DithInk said...

As my friend Phrannie said "I wonder if it was the fault of the boobs, or the massive masturbatory reactions of others due to extreme boobage presence."

We may never know . . .

Old NFO said...

Point Peedee :-)

Southern Sage said...

Roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr@ Meredith is BOOOYOOWWW

Go ladies!!
Ty Ty for hosting mine!!

peedee said...

Yeah Sage, Mer has it goin on. I dont know where the hell those came from cause she certainly didnt have them in kindergarten or 5th grade or high school as far as I can remember.

When'd you get them Mer?? Shit, mine weren't even that good when I was pregnant. lol

Sisu said...

Well, Peedee I was going to post mine, but then I read your update about Taiwan and Texas and I live on a farooking fault line!! Stupid left coast tectonics..

meleah rebeccah said...

I know cleavage can turn some heads, but cause earthquakes? Um. No.


meleah rebeccah said...

Oh Great- now I am batting a thousand, I just posted THIS comment - on the last blog post, when I should have posted it here!


copy pasting:

"I have to tell you that I am reading your blog in reverse [getting caught up] and clearly I should have read the post below this one - BEFORE I posted my previous comment!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Thou art quite the demure soul!


peedee said...

Sisu! You shoulda done it anyway!!

And Meleah your just crackin me up with all the comments. LMAO!!! I think I gotcha tho. lol

I try BZ, I try. lol!!