Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Good Weekend

Friday had been planned. It was to be a mental health day of the beach kind. My rejuvination of sorts. I can sit on the beach for 8-10 hours easily and have done so in the past. This past Friday was going to be a shorter version but I was damned and determined to have a long chill out session.

In the past you could find me setting up my little area at 8am. I was good about getting there early and being the only one around except for the occasional jogger and the monster beach cleaning machine the city workers used to rake the beaches. I was a little late on Friday, just couldnt get all my shit together and get out of the house. So at 9:45 I'm setting up among a small crowd. I was happy though. I wasnt at work and I was at the beach. ahhhhhh.

I dont need to DO anything at the beach. People watch, snooze, maybe read and listen to my tunes. Thats all I need. oh, and the camera.

Container Ships are always out there
Yup, got me again.
Boys and their toys.
Nice catamaran. A little bigger than the ones I sailed as a kid.

Right around 1:30 I'm sitting in my chair, enjoying the breeze and its definately more crowded but I'm still relaxing. My phone rings and I check the caller ID and its the sailor. I pick up with a happy "Hello bug, watcha doin??", to which she replys, "Nothing. Did you get a new bathing suit?" I only skipped half a beat and said, "um, what?". (my mind is thinking as she's talking, yeah I did get a new suit, did I tell her???) She replys, "You got a new bathing suit didnt you, I like it". Now I'm on to her and as I'm whipping my head around, "Where are youuuuuuuu?!?!?!" I see her, she's sitting on the sea wall behind me. It still takes a second to register that its actually her. I LOVE that first sight of her after not seeing her for months and months. Its always a moment of pure joy.

Now imagine the movie scene. I get up and jog over to her as she jogs to me. We hug, I kiss her, I smell her I tell her how much I miss her. Of course I'm blubbering a bit. She got me again! She told me earlier in the week that she wasnt going to see me till Saturday and I bitched and moaned all over this blog all about it. ::shakes head::

Needless to say, I said to hell with the beach and started packing my stuff up and she was going to her favorite mexican restaurant to grab some food to go. We were going to meet up at the compound. She still had to surprise my parents who had NO idea she was coming into town this weekend. My mom cried (as usual) and my dad sniffed. It was a good surprise for them.

We spent the rest of Friday afternoon together and then she took off out to the western part of the county (where we used to live and she went to high school)for the night to see some old friends. She gave assurances that she'd be back in the morning and we'd spend the day by the pool with friends and bbq'ing. =)

And spend the day we did. It was beautiful out and we had a really nice day. She had some friends over and we cooked some chicken and burgers on the grill, swam and drank a few beers.
The time flew by and before I new it she was headed back out west for the night again. Once again reassuring me she'd be back in the morning for a final goodbye before her flight at 10:00am.
She misses her puppies and has a quiet moment with Remi.

This morning was a quick hello, goodbye with hugs and kisses and promises to see each other soon. She didnt want to leave, she misses Fort Laudy a lot. But leave she did. Back to her training and totally different world.

She's matured even more. I saw more evidence of that this visit. I like what I see.


Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
Oh, man. The beach, the baby, the barbecue, the pool, the friends, family, music, potato salad, sun, wind, shine, all the good.



Ann T.

Southern Sage said...

Well sounds like this weekend you had it all!!!

Awesome. Her gig will surely grow them up fast. Excellent.

Capt. Schmoe said...

Heart re-inflated, re-inserted and unskewered?

Sounds like you had a great day.

peedee said...

Annie, YES...all of the above!!

Sage, it was good, too short but good!

And Capt., yes, the heart is better. But in all honesty, I would have taken 30 seconds and cherished it.

Thanks for stopping by you guys. Its appreciated!

meleah rebeccah said...

AW!!! The beach, your sailor and all the simple joys of LIFE. Woman, you certainly know how to LIVE!

Michael Morse said...

Wow, i had a lot of fun reading that, thanks for the getaway, haven't been to a beach in a while. And welcome home, too bad it was a short visit.

peedee said...

Ahahaha Meleah! I work hard to make it look this easy and good! lol It was a perfeeeect! weekend. too bad its not every weekend!

And Michael, I'm 1.8 miles from the beach. Even if I had no legs I'd drag my arse down there! Soon. someday soon I will LIVE on the beach!

Your all welcome to visit anytime! Gia and I met up and she'll confirm I'm NORMAL! lol

Angelia Sims said...

That picture of her and Remi, ahhh, true buds. What a wonderful Easter surprise. :-) Happy for you!

peedee said...

lol Ange, her and Remi have not always seen eye to eye so its nice to see them bonding a bit. Jake is her dog, but Remi is mine and I got him when she was in college. Her patience with his puppy antics are not so good sometimes.