Friday, December 11, 2009


This song makes me all smiley. It might sound familiar to you if you've seen the new Droid commercials (phone).

The munchkins made an appearance as well it seems. =) Give it a chance, listen all the way through, you may just like it. Catchy beat and all.

Happy Friday All!!


Mrs. Bunker said...

I've got to get a video of The Boy dancing. He LOVES that song and he can cut a rug (again, not so much of the Mr.s genes evident, so far anyway, thankful). Your music recommendations make me happy. Thank you & your damn 80 degree weather.

peedee said...

Oh you MUST get video!! That boys got good taste for real. =). Front came thru last night, its only 76 here today....brrrrr. Lmao.