Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In other news.......

EDIT: ok Melissa at Comcast who commented, if you really are who you say you are email me at the address on the right side of the page. I called to check on my wireless router that should be HERE TODAY and the lovely (read: nasty) girl at your costomer service center tells me there is not even an order in the system for said router. OMFG! I'm just about ready to get rid of the whole kit and kaboodle. How do you even stay in business?? Why do you even pay costomer service reps?? I was warned. Show me As the idiot for trying Comcast.

Dont have a whole lot to say except.....

I'm going to blow up Comcast if I dont get my wireless router soon!!! (just kidding if you read this Comcast - its an empty threat but gives you an idea of how pissed off you make me)

And I missed Jim Morrisons Birthday yesterday so:

Its always around this time of year (his birthday) that I think of how cool would it be if he was still alive. I really wish he'd lived cause I'd definately go see his show in Branson at the "The Robbie Krieger Theatre". Can you imagine?? The Lizard King performing a lounge act?? Makes me lol. He'd have been 66 yesterday. wow.

Seven days till mah bebe comes home. It will be the best Christmas present I get. No lie.

And last but not least....I've officially hit the middle forties today. 44. I cant say early forties any more cause I consider 40/41/42/43 early, 44, 45, 46 mid and 47 and up just plain old. Ooof. Just plain old is right around the corner. yuk. On a more promising note, they say the 40's are the new 20's! If thats the case, I'm only 3 years older than my kid! =)

Oh I do have a P.S.

Happy Birthday Capt. Schmoe!!! muah!
and Donny Osmond. teehee!


Gia's Spot said...

Biatch - take that "just old" comment back or I'm gonna call Comcast and pretend I am You and cancel all your services!!
Happy birthday and I love Jim too! Lounge lizard, hahaha Be nice or heh, I suppose I could call the Navy and try to get Laurens days off cancelled????? oh I wouldnt be that mean!! Have a happy day!

Gia's Spot said...

OMG Sorry about all those deleted comments, for some reason my original comment had three babies!!

peedee said...

lmao Gia, you crack my shit up!! And no, I aint takin none of it back!! I'll catch up to you in like what??? 10, 15 years?? lol JUST KIDDING!! Thanks for the B-day wishes!

peedee said...

and I deleted the babies! lmao!!

Customer.Connect.Melissa said...


Sorry for any delay in getting you your equipment. Please email our team at the address below. We'll find out what the status is of this and escalate if necessary. Happy Birthday. Oh, and I'm in agreement with the "just old" comment being wrong. If the 30s are the new 20s, than that makes 40s the new 30's and 50's still fairly young. Best Wishes.

Kind Regards,
Melissa Mendoza
Comcast Customer Connect
National Customer Operations

peedee said...

Holy Shit.


mepsipax said...

Wow, 44. I am getting older so that doesn't sound so old anymore.

Ann T. said...

Dear PeeDee,
Good thing you qualified your threat or you'd be off to the pokey for the Worst birthday present ever: the old, "interfering with America's critical communications" charge.

Hey, Happy Birthday. I sent the Captain his comment, for happy B-day today too!

Have fun and get wired (ah, w/ Comcast).

Go, PeeDee!

Ann T.

Gia's Spot said...

Wow they have you wired already!! Yikes, anyone got a sweeper for your house?? Cone of silence?

The Absence of Alternatives said...

Happy birthday!!! Queen of the Dogs should be a cougar anyway, no? ;-) Also, was that Comcast leaving you a comment there for real?! I have never seen anything like that amazing. And very happy for you that your baby is coming home for Xmas. Please give her my very very best regards (even though I am just a stranger.. one of those whom she is protecting by serving in the Navy. So this is the least I could do...)

Capt. Schmoe said...

Happy B-Day PeeDee, I hope your day was as good as mine!!!!!! I know you prolly won't see this until the 10th, but it's still the 9th here. Happy b-day again and thanks for the wishes.

peedee said...

@mepsipax - if your older than me, then you ARE old. We can only hope we're like fine wine and age well. pfft. I feel like crusty old bread lately.

@ Ann, I almost didnt qualify my comment but something told me too! Thanks for stopping by!

@Absence thanks and yeah, I guess I'm gettin cougar"ish". And I'm feeling a little like big brother is watching. That comment was totally real. Kinda freaked me out a bit! I'll relay your thanks to my kid next week! yay!

@Schmoe, Thank You! And your welcome. I had a very good day all things considered lol! Glad yours was good. =)

Mrs. Bunker said...

Happy Birfday!
That comcast comment?? is that real? Are there acctual humans there?
and 44 isn't old at all! 45 is old. see you have one more year!

peedee said...

Thanks Edith! And yeah, I'm a little creeped out by the comcast coment. Im gonna email them though if my promised router doesnt show up today like its been promised to. (third promise so Im not holding my breath)

and your a youngin so 45 is old to you! lol

Ginger said...

THAT, was the funniest shit EVER!!!!!

peedee said...

Seeeeeeeeee!! I told you!

Angelia said...

Awh!! I missed your birthday!!! Happy birthday!! Melissa, WTF? Don't you have her regular email?Hello? Stalk much?

My dear peedee I only have one and half years to 40!!! I can't wait!! :-) Happy 44th, pssst you are still early 40's!!

And thank you for your wonderfully kind comments this last week. I reallly appreciate it.

peedee said...

No worries Angelia ;) Birthday wishes are welcome anytime they come! I'm not thinking about my age anymore. Its just easier that way. lol

And your welcome and deserving of those comments. =)