Saturday, December 12, 2009

Abhor doesn't convey how I really feel

I went and brought a wireless router. I would have done that OVER a month ago, but I was told over and over that I had to have a COMCAST wireless router or no workie. Someone had told me this week that Comcast was full of shit...they just wanted you to pay $4.95 for their router every month....ANY wireless router will work. Well guess what?? $34.95 later I'm the proud owner of a wireless router and I'm on my laptop, online, at home right this very fucking moment!!

Let me state this here.......The only way I would keep Comcast after AT&T Uverse comes to my neighborhood is, ummmm, hmmmm, let me see, nada. The answer is Nothing. Nothing short of giving me completely free service for the duration of my "sentence" with them. Then I wouldnt mind the fuck ups so much since it was free. I could endure asshole customer service reps, inefficient, idiotic techs that come to your house and a screwed up billing statement every month. Wait, I wouldnt get a statement cause its free.

I hate Comcast. Plain and simple. Never again. And soon you'll be gone. AT&T have been putting the lines in on my block for the last couple of weeks. Blessed. There might be a cable god somewhere.


Capt. Schmoe said...

Nice job on getting back up. I think you will be happy if you make the change to U-Verse. We've had them for two years now and have had only a few minor issues that corrected themselves after a few hours.

We run the TVs and four computers, plus both of my kids game. No problemo.

Best move I ever made was dumping my bloodsucking cable company.

If anyone who reads this works for a cable company, I would start making plans. You're likely to be looking for work when you employer goes out of business.

Thanks for the post pd

peedee said...

Thanks Capt. What a frustrating month its been. I actually screamed at a customer service rep yesterday. I lost my cool and that pissed me off more than anything has in awhile.

Happy to be back up and running. My iPhone was killing my eyes and making me crazy typing paragraphs on it!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

The Absence of Alternatives said...

It is obscene how Comcast treats their customers. We don't have cable at home mainly because in principle, my husband cannot support the cable companies 'cause they are arrogant and evil. Congrats on getting wifi set up. Now you will find the new meaning of "using the loo"... LOL.

peedee said...

Thanks Absence it was a moment of pure bliss when I finally got it all hooked up. =) I do remember the days when it was a monopoly. At least now you have a choice of who you want to be screwed by.

SuperBadJack said...


I have Comcast and AT&T at once.

Cause we're just that awesome.

(We have the max plans from both U-Verse and Comcast on a load balancing router and we still run out of bandwith, we're not normal)

peedee said...

Jack!! Where have you been?? Turd. Lauren comes home today, come drink rum with us!

and Uverse is coming to our neighborhood sooooooooooon!

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