Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

Four of the seven siblings will be together for the next week. Steven, Debbie, Ginger and I. This hasn't happened in a long time. Lets hope there are no wars as these can happen when you put so many of us together at once lol.

Lauren has been home for a week already. Time is flying by and I want it to take a xanax and relax!! SLOW down!!! I'm savoring each moment I promise you.

She's a joy. The Navy has gently pushed her into adulthood. Its really nice to see the subtle changes. She has the patience of a saint compared to a year ago when it was at the level of a gnat. She's taking her service very seriously and it does make my family so proud of the pride she shows in herself and her country.
She's a very good sailor and is very squared away. I hope her superiors see this and acknowledge it once in awhile. A little praise will go a long way with her. This I know!

I'll be checking in but prolly not bloggin. I've got a ton to do and I want to spend quality time with the peeps I love.

Please, please, please have a Safe and Happy Christmas with your families. Time is flying by and dont assume you have a million tomorrows. Tell them you love them now. Christmas and the holidays are the perfect time to do it if your not one to say it often.

Be well my friends. Merry Christmas! Muah!!!

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Ann T. said...

Dear Peedee,

Enjoy your holiday!!! Merry Christmas to You!!

Ann T.

Angelia said...

I'm feeling great pride in our country knowing there are Lauren's in service. Thank her and hug her from me! Oh and give those fur heads some love too. :-)

Happy New YEAR! Wishing you the best!