Friday, May 15, 2009

Moving sucks

Well its time to move (again). I feel like a flippen nomad. I'd really love to buy a place but I have commitment issues and fundage issue so its a mute point. I just dont get it. I loved, well maybe not loved, but really liked this place when I moved in. Now I abhor it. I hate coming home from work and I hate being at work so it just makes for a stressfull day all around. The new place is better. Its a cute little cottage with a private patio AND a backyard for the bumbling beast. YESSSS, no more midnight walks around the neighborhood while they smell every flippen blade of grass looking for that perfect holy grail of a spot to pee. (oh and repeat 10 times) woohoo!! Freedom from the leash for them and ME! I'm not even going to get into my irrational fear of zombies on a dark street at night.

Packing. Ugh. I am a pack rat in a 12 step program. I am throwing shit away thats been around and doing nothing forever! It feels so good, but I cant help I gonna need this again some day? I'm sure I could use this for.... Its a vicious cycle. I stopped saving boxes a few years ago. It really hurts throwing that printer box away. Really. But I've learned. Its just easier to lug the printer around than to find a place for the box inbetween moves. I have two weeks until I move and only about 3 days of hard packing to do. I guess I am getting better. ((smile))

My goal is to stay in this place for two whole years!!! Hell if I still like it after that...3 years! Baby steps, I know. I have big plans for this place. I'm gonna make it really beachy and comfy cozy. Maybe the younger beast wont eat my furniture anymore. We'll see.

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