Monday, May 18, 2009

Fighter Jets and Boobs

I showed this pic to one of my guy friends at work today and he went crazy. He was like, "Where'd ya find this?", "When did they make this?" He was total guy gaga over it. I finally let him off the hook and told him it was a photoshopped picture. lmao. Now, you might be thinking she is one mean bitch to be playing tricks like that on some poor guy. Hell, maybe the Navy really did make such a fighter jet. Well, dont go gettin your underwear in a jumble cause you think I'm such a bitch. Please read further.

This is the same guy who'd never seen Total Recall and when I showed him this picture...he thought this freak of nature was REAL. (?!?)
Oh my, the state of the gene pool in South Florida is pretty bad.

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