Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chair Wars

In my house on a daily basis there is a struggle, and epic battle if you will for, "The Chair".

This smelly nasty old chair should have been thrown out at least 6 months ago when the couch went. Somehow, I just couldnt throw this chair away. Everytime I talked about doing it Remi would give me those puppy dog eyes like he knew what I was talking about and I would relent. He loves that chair. Its his perch to bark at every little thing that moves outside. His special spot to eat the blinds. His place to store bones, toys and my work ID's that he steals off the counter. I also figured, let them have the chair, then they wont bother my chair. I've been reduced to an Ikea chair that I've threatened them with death if they even smell it. After I move pretty new furniture is coming for them to destroy.

Anyway, I thought todays battle was pretty funny. Remi is the black one in the back and he usually wins the battle. Jake, the yellow one is just plain bigger and once Remi has possesion, he just gives up, as there is just not enough room for the two of them. Not today. He was not giving up if it meant only one paw and his tail was on the chair. Nope, not giving up. I love that dog.


Gia's Spot said...

Those dogs are too cute!! I have been tossing around the idea of getting myself a Lab, grew up with them,.....deciding if it is fair to the animal or not!! Worse than trying to decide on getting pregnant!!

peedee said...

Do it! Get two then they'll have each other when your working!!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

That's great.

I am a dog person, have always been and will always be. Can't imagine life without dogs.

Mrs. Bunker said...

You could use an old Indiana strategy for the chair; just put it on the front porch next to the busted fridge! very acceptable for some members of my tribe.

peedee said...

The chair is gone...maybe a family from Indiana has it now(?)...put it out for bulk garbage and someone actually took it! Ewwwww.