Sunday, May 31, 2009

Goodbye Gingie

So I move tomorrow. Finally. Effing rain (everyday for the past 14 days) has delayed the dude that lives in my new place from moving to his new place. What a nightmare. My landlord wants me out today cause its the 31st. Well Dude, I cant move cause the other guy hasnt moved!!! Its a fucking vicious cycle. Its not like he even has this place rented yet. Stupid Fucktard. Tried telling me I had to pay a whole nother monhts rent cause I was gonna be here on the 1st. Yeah, right. Get in line buddy. I still have to pack the kitchen and bathroom up but I'll take care of that today. Not much stuff in the old kitchen anymore since I eat cereal or Spagetti-O's every night for dinner. Why you ask??!?! Because I CAN!!! No kid to cook for anymore so I dont cook anymore! Yippppeeeeee!!!

My sister, my second best friend in the world (my kids first, duh) is moving to Boston on Thursday with her new girlfriend. Poop. I'm gonna miss her beyond bad. Now both my best friends are gone. pfffft. In 38 years we've always lived near each other except for that momentary lapse of reason she had when she lived in Pittsburgh for 2 years way back in '95.

I'm gonna miss you Ginger. Ugh.


Gia's Spot said...

I'll keep an eye on her from here, neck of the woods! How did the move go? are you settled? has the rain stopped yet?

peedee said...

Yay Miss Gia! I'll be up there this fall. We might have to meet up for an adult beverage or three.
And the move is over, no thanks to the rain. lol It rained off and on all day. Gah, I damn near broke my ankle. Rolled it off a curb carrying a ginormous dressor. In the fall tore up my knee. Now that I look at it, should of had a stitch or two, but I'll live. Otherwise I'm all moved in and unpacking!

I havent walked the boys in days, just open the door and out into the yard they go....ahhh, life is good!!!