Thursday, February 4, 2010

This ones for you...

Ann T. this ones for you. By "one" I mean post. "For you" I mean whatcha think of these guys. In response to your comment on my P!nk post.

Unfortunately, the men depicted look like good friends to (nyah), not my style in a romantic interest. I want the next Robert Mitchum, a different sort of guy altogether.

I think they broke the mold with Robert Mitchum, but here's my kinda guy(s).

Chris Isaak - Wicked Games (courtesy of Sisu from the other day)

I'm not sure if you know Chris Isaak or not. Thats no model mouthing the words in this video. Thats THE MAN! He sings sexy and he IS sexy. Wouldnt kick him outta my bed for eating crackers...

Tim McGraw - Live Like You Were Dyin

A barefoot cowboy hat wearin hot sexy mess. Whats not to like?? Yum.

Bush - Swallowed

Speaking of Gwen Stefani........can she pick 'em or what?? I found him first!!!! But alas I'm not Gwen so I lose. Gavin Rossdale was a hot mess in the early 90's grunge days but boy does he clean up nicely!! And he makes beautiful babies. Now thats Sexy if you ask me!!

Early 90's Gavin..

My Lord what a fine specimen of a man. The gene pool runs deep here. Gorgeous man, beautiful kid.

Ok, my work here is thru.


Ann T. said...

Aw, peedee, this is so nice!

Now everybody knows I'm looking for Bob Mitchum but I also have a whole new set of guys to look at.

There is no down side.

Ann T.

Angelia said...


I saw Bush in concert at the Texas Motor Speedway when it first opened. It was a big music festival. No Doubt was there too. This was pre-relationship of Gwen and Gavin.

I agree with ALL your choices! Mighty fine specimans. :-)