Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love the Olympics

I had always wanted to be an Olympian when I was growing up. Guess I didnt want it that bad lol, or I'd have been there.

There have been some really cool events that I dont remember seeing in the last winter Olympics and some old favorites too. I love the snowboarding and downhill skiing the best. The super crazy skiing high jump thing always makes me wonder just how crazy you have to be to say "I want to do that". Nuts.

Anyway, I saw an interview with Shawn White, the Gold medal snowboarder tonight and he said something that made me think. He said he was waiting for a call from the white house, he wanted to be invited to visit. Now this happens with a lot of sports pro's who've reached the pinnacle. And I think all them Gold medals is a pinnacle. So I dont think the request is that far off. But like I said its made me think.

I dont typically get political on this blog. My blogroll is definately a majority to the right so I figure you all know where I stand. Not that I dont appreciate the opinions of all, I just may not agree. And I do actually agree with a few left sided stances. Hence the reason I'm "just right of center", but firmly there...

Anyway back to what Shawn requested and why I was thinking. How rude or disrespectful would it be if I were an Olympian and won a shit ton of Gold medals and the White House called and said the President wanted to meet me and I said, thanks, but No Thanks.

I'd giggle as I said it too. lol


Mrs. Bunker said...

I too had childhood aspirations of Olympic competition, now The Boy wants to snowboard. I don't want to clip his wings or anything, but I'm kinda pushing chess & tennis after the whole luge thing.

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
I like to watch the olympics. The one I really remember though was the winter games in japan, when the japanese skiers won the medals and deserved them. If you check the dates for that, you will see I frequently need hair dye.

oh, i wanted to be sailing in the air like that, knowing i would not break my legs when i came down, but that I had flown in open air.

Put that w/ a fear of heights, and it makes no sense, right?

Now to blab, blab, blab--

A lot of authors refused to go to Laura Bush's literary dinners b/c of Iraq War. They were wrong.

According to Miss Manners we are supposed to honor the office, if not the inhabitant of it.
only way out--
you contract a horrible disease. Perhaps Mrs. Bunker would write you a doctor's note: dear Prez, I have tertiary syphilis and the heartbreak of psoriasis, so it will not be possible to accept . . ."

Besides, you should go. You'll tell better jokes, and maybe even influence policy! I wouldn't put it past you!

Ann T.

Capt. Schmoe said...

See, I wouldn't turn the president down, we knew what we were getting when we elected him. (Not we, as in you and I, but we as in the electorate)

The rotten bastard who runs my state on the other hand, I would just like to tell him that I had something more worthwhile to do like dishes or lawn work.

I also hope that he would be terribly offended.

Jen said...

If the White House called me I would be there with bells on even though I don't agree with their politics. I have immense respect for the office and would be honored to go.

I have been enjoying the snowboarding much more than I thought I would. I think it is my favorite now.

peedee said...

ok, ok, I get it. I do respect the actual office. I guess maybe I would go. But I'd have a hard time smiling and shaking his hand. For real.

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
You'll shake his hand and tell him about the best girl Evah. Then you'll go home, frame the invitation, and hang it in the outhouse.

I got a letter from Richard Nixon once. Ew. I was not expecting it, although it's true I did write him first. It was very condescending, too. Something like "the hope of American is in its youth" or some crap like that. Boy would he be disappointed.

But then that was two of us,

Ann T.

meleah rebeccah said...

the olympics = are awesome!