Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ok the masses of Chicago came out to show some love for their #1 citizen last fall. Well, the new #1, the origional left that shiznit and moved into the Big house, errrrrrr, I mean the White House.

Actually, Oprah was prolly always #1. She could buy and sell that crooked town meeting leader 20X's over.

Anywhoooooo, I'm SURE Edith of Mrs Bunker's Chainsaw Emporium was at this shindig stompin in some fabulous shoooooooooooes. Cause in case you didnt know, SHE loves her some OPRAH!! just kidding.

Check this shit out. Its actually pretty cool.

Oh, and in other news.......Some doooood was attacked not by one shark but multiple sharks here in Stuart today or the other day (didnt hear exactly when). Thats messed up. And you know what his chances are of winning the lottery are now??? ZERO. Yup, he just used up all his good luck. Yeah, in fact he died so yeah, no lottery in his future. more here... Shark Eats Kite Surfer

Yeah, thats why I dont surf. And dont make fun of my photoshop skillz plz. Lauren like this one so thats all that mattered. Thats her on the left....

And also, I'm wanting to admit something. I'm Fucking Addicted to Farmville. Its bad. I need a 10 step program. Friends of Fred or something.

And in case you hadnt noticed I havent talked about Lauren in 5 whole days. Thats cause I cant. For reasons I cant disclose. She's well though. =)


Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
I hear Oprah's leaving Chicago for filming, this is the last season.

As to the sharks, remember about the undead shamblers who shall not be named b/c you are afraid? Well, sharks are in there for me just like vampires. Eek Eek Eek Eek!!

So I think maybe swim fins should look a little more like Mrs. Bunker's Versace spikes, able to stun a shark in the eyes or nose. Not only that, it will give us great posture on our surfboards. A Miss Universe tiara would also not come amiss.

Yours in Ethel Merman

Ann T.

peedee said...

I dont dig sharks either.

Angelia said...

I can't believe the guy DIED! What a way to go. YIKES!

Seriously Farmville? I am glad I never got on there. I just found an old client friend on Facebook and she hasn't even said HI to me, she is too busy on Farmville! GAH!

meleah rebeccah said...

ZOMG! And thats why I am totally afraid of the ocean!

Mrs. Bunker said...

all the stuff I missed!
I was SOO pissed the day she did that show...first day of school & the Mighty O decides to shut down Michigan Ave. and wreck my morning. I heard the show was cool but I'm still nursing my grudge.
Give HER to the damn sharks. ok, she could probably win me back with a bribe of some sort, but still.

She used to go to the office next door to mine for her womanly care, and you'd have thought that the queen and empress of the world was coming through, but apparently she got nice gifts for the office staff.

peedee said...

I cant lie Ange, I'm addicted. Its relaxing. =)

Meleah, I have a health respect for the ocean. I dont stray to far from shore. And I'm ALWAYS lookin

You know Edith, I think I remember you doing a post on that little stunt she pulled...hmmm. She is the Queen of Chi-town. She owns that shit. Your just one of the peasants. Sorry! lol