Friday, February 26, 2010


"This bed is on fire with passion and love, the neighbors complain about the noises above, but she only comes when she's on top."

lol <3 this song.

James - Laid


Sisu said...

Me likey!

Jen said...

Don't a lot of us?

peedee said...

Most definately easier.

Gia's Spot said...

Hahaha I love how you were "reported" on FB by your "friends" with this one, Peedee! How are people so stupid and holier than thou?? I say Rawk on, sista!!

peedee said...

ahhhh, a "friend" didnt report me. 1/2 of the 500 people on my friends list are "farmville" friends from all over the world. I dont really know them, just play the game with them. A LOT of them are serious bible bangers. Hardcore. I think it was one of them.

And if thats the worst status update they've ever, oh my. lol Thanks for the support Gia!!

Ann T. said...

Dear Peedee,
That's the thing about facebook! The worst ones are, just washing dishes, on the toilet, blah blah, or,

now you're infamous for posting a song with the girl on top!

Still looking for Bob Mitchum jr.
Ann T.