Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh Geezzzzzzus!

Okay, my cubemate at work....the one getting married in less than a week has been sick as a dog since last Wednesday. And at work. Poor thing. We went to lunch last Thursday to chat about the upcomming nuptuals. I knew she was sick, but I thought she was mostly just stressing about the wedding. She went home early yesterday and didnt come in today. She's been diagnosed. With Swine Flu.

I repeat. My cubemate.


jessicabold said...

You better like, quarantine her...that'd really put a damper on buff-tober...

swine flu + orange snowballs = fail.

Sisu said...

Here piggy,piggy,piggy...ack!

Mrs. Bunker said...

tamiflu!! hurry!

peedee said...

Oh Jessica comment win! lmao

and Sisu oink oink oink back atcha!

They dont have the swine flu injection thingy here yet Edith!! I'll be allright. Bet!

Bou said...

Oh it has been through this house. Unless there is an underlying condition, it is a non-event. My youngest has some respiratory stuff, so he ended up on steroids to keep his lungs open, but other than that, my kids have had strep throat and pneumonia FAR worse. And the Tamiflu made my eldest sicker than the flu did, so he stopped after 3 doses. We didn't even bother with the others.

Seriously not even a blip on our radar. It varies from person to person, but not a big deal in this home.

peedee said...

Well thats good to hear!! I'm suspecting IF I get it, the same will be true. But I dont get sick so, non, non-event gonna happen here! Thanks for responding!

Steph said...

Ugh. I hope it misses you completely, although I've heard it's not the big deal everyone is making it. IDK. We haven't had it at our house. :knocks on wood:

jessicabold said...

peedee....how's hump day's buffness?

peedee said...

No worries Steph. I'm too tough for the oink. ;)








lol, its ok. I did no harm today and thats a good thing!! and btw, we had a heat advisory today...index over 100. the news man told me not to exercise outside. =D

Kristamom said...

a little late on it. But ewwwwww. Sorry for her, but man - that stinks. I would be dowing OJ and airborne and anything else I could get my hands on.

Our office has started a new policy where they will send you home. Beats the lysol spray that gets brought out every flu season for sure!

Stay healthy!!!

Angelia Sims said...

Hi Peedee!
I had to come to your blog from Jessica's buff page. The orange snoball fetish cracks me up!
Just so you know, I'm pretty sure those hydrogen bomb sno ball thingies protect you MORE than tamiflu. They have like pig protection antibodies. SWEAR!

peedee said...

Kristaaaaaaaaaaaaamom!! hows it goin!! Geesh girl, whats goin on?? Just an fyi, I cant comment on your blog for some reason the way you have comments set up. =( I read tho!!

And I'm still healthy! I dont know what the incubation time for this pig crap is, but I think I'm in the clear!!

Angelia........your right...its the Snoballs!!!

ginger said...

well THAT sucks.

peedee said...

No worries, I think I'm good. Or did you mean for Tiff?? lol