Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Frog Lamp Has a New Home

The power and beauty of the internet......................

My BFF Joshua with his new Frog Lamp!! He saw it and said, "Wow. Umm thats, umm, really cool". I think he's going to give a spot of honor out in his backyard with all his other frogs in his garden.

Edith from Mrs. Bunkers Chainsaw Emporium has a little problem with a hoarding hubby. In fact Archie brought home this lovely little frog lamp. For what? Who the eff knows. Thats what hoarders do, bring home useless shit that you dont need or want. You can read about that little incident here.

Anyway, my buddy Josh loves him some frogs. In fact he collects them. This being known by his bff (read: me), I immediatly offered to purchase this lovely item and take it off Ediths hands. And Edith, being a lovely kind hearted lady(read: desperate to get rid of it) said, "No, you just send me your address and that lamps yours!"

So, yesterday afternoon as promised, said frog lamp arrived! Oh boy is it a beauty. Hand made with love for sure by some weird ass backwoods grass muncher.

Thanks Edith. You made my day and then I got to make my friends day. ;)


Mrs. Bunker said...

Truly the pleasure is all mine.

Capt. Schmoe said...

Strong work lass, Mrs. Bunker gets some more space for Archie to put more useless crap, the frogs get a new home, Josh truly looks like he enjoys the lamp and you get the credit! Strong work indeed.

peedee said...


The whole thing was fun.