Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hades in So Fla.

Ok, the heats been crankin for over a week now. 92+ degree days (heat index over 100), our low tonight is going to be 81 degrees(!) and the relief is not supposed to hit till sometime late this week or next weekend. Relief being highs in the mid 80's.

Scorcher is not the word for it lately. My AC electric bill is going to be as bad as Augusts. So much for levelized payments. pfft.

I feel like a prune. Well, not really, cause a prunes all dried up. I'm water logged so I look like a prune. The visuals are definately not flattering here. I'm talkin about the fact that I spent the whole weekend in the pool. And I'm getting far too tan for this time of year.

p.s. Some bad news: Remi had a full on hard core seizure yesterday. I watched him run from the pool area towards the patio area and midway, mid stride go down like a ton of bricks in full on seizure. Eyes rolled back, full body spasming that lasted about a minute. He was postdictal as well, really confuzed afterwards for about 5 minutes. And even after that, he just wanted to lay down for a bit which is totally out of character for him. Absolutely heartbreaking to see. My mom saw it and just broke down. I felt bad for her, I didnt want her to see this.


Gia's Spot said...

For Remi - Oh man hope all is well now?? Poor baby..
As for you - are you bitching about it being hot?? IT WAS EFFING 41 degrees this morning, miss !! I for one have no sympathy for you at all!! In the pool all day, oh I feel your pain! Pfft is right! ;?

peedee said...

Melting hot. omg. So hot. I'm only complaining a little. I just want 70's and 80's for a little change. It doesnt matter how much I bitch...Its not like mother nature can slam me with a snow storm down

Remi had another one this morning. Seems like its progressing. And thats not good.

Kara said...

That's so sad about Remi! We had a dog that had seizures and it's such a helpless feeling. I hope he gets better.
It'll get cool soon enough. I'm over here in Texas and it's about 60 degrees so I'm sure its not that far away for you!

Mrs. Bunker said...

poor Remi. And if you feel like getting slammed by a snowstorm, I can give you some advice.

peedee said...

Alas Kara, I cant think about Remi too much or I get super sad. And we wont see 60's until January. If we're lucky. lol

And I dont want a Snowstorm Edith!! I DARE mother nature to snow on me. DARE HER!!!