Friday, October 16, 2009

AFF = Another Fine Friday

AFF could not have come soon enough this week. What a week. I'm tired, I'm stressed and I neeeeed two days off.

In light of the fact that I posted the Worlds.Grossest.Video.Ever the other day, today is going to be about puppy dogs and sunshine.

Baby Jake...his first night home. =)

Big Jake, Little Remi

Youngster Jakey.

The sky was on fire a couple of months ago...

And then it was painted, the brushstrokes obvious...

There has been good news this week...
Lauren's acing AT school. Highest GPA in her class. =) AND she should be home for Christmas. ::big cheesy grin::
I'm going camping at the end of this month in the Keys...might have to hit up Fantasy Fest on Halloween Night in Downtown Key West. Oh lordy. Thats gonna be crazy.

Have a great weekend, stay safe my friends.


Mrs. Bunker said...

OK. yes, it was indeed the worlds grosses video. congrats to Lauren!!

peedee said...

Aha! You watched! I knew you would. lol

Gia's Spot said...

Congrats to Lauren and I didn't watch, surprising since I will always look for the gore!
As for Fantasy Fest in the keys? I have friends who go every year and I hear the strangest stories...... :) Have a blast and you know we need lots of visual aids!

Angelia Sims said...

Peedee, what about the Final Destinations movies? I love those too!
BTW-Despite my warnings two co-workers wanted to to watch it. Yeah they had nightmares, TOLD YA!

I like this post much better. Nothing cuter than lab puppies with their sweet soulful eyes. Beautiful sky as well. I never catch the red, it's always pink or purple here.

Hope you get mucho rest this weekend!!

peedee said...

I've seen the gammet with that video now Gia...and my mother takes the cake - she watched it and was like, "that wasnt so bad." =o I guess the fact she birthed 8 babies had something to do with it not phasing her. IDK.
And if we hit up Fantasy Fest it will be my first time! But its not a priority. We'll be in Bahia Honda fishing and drinking!!

Angelia, I <3 the Final Destination movies. I wont do a laydown tanning bed anymore because of those movies. lol! And both of those pics were takin with my iPhone. amazing huh!!

booshy said...

Ok...I'm totally having sunrise/sunset picture envy! Those are incredible! I love them!!

And your puppy cute! I'm partial to the sky, though.


hope you had a good Monday! I've missed you!

Ckemtp said...

Love the pics of the sunsets. Reminds us that we're not in control and that it's ok that we're not.

Just passing through

peedee said...

Hey Jessica, those sky pics are from my iPhone. Stoopid good huh? lol I've been around and just a little apathetic lately. I've gotta move again in two weeks and basically, let the stress begin.

Chris, so true. Thanks for stopping by. =)