Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One Year Ago...

Tomorrow will be one year since my baby left for Bootcamp in the US Navy. We've seen each other for a total of 18 days in that time. We're gettin better at this but its still hard. I love you Lauren Jessica deVegh, I miss you and I'm beyond proud of you and what you've accomplished so far.

This is something I wrote for another blog I had on Myspace, right before I left for Chicago to attend her PIR (graduation) from boot camp. A little background...due to some bad luck and just the way the ball bounced, we did not talk to each other thru-out most of her boot camp experience which is 8 weeks long. NEVER had we gone so long without speaking. We wrote letters and that was a savior, but not speaking was soooo hard. We also missed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years together. Talk about shock. We were emotionally drained at the end of the whole Boot experience, although I dont think either of us, especially her would trade it for anything different.

"A Letter to Lauren and Other Thoughts"
Wow, eight weeks. Time has crawled yet flown by at the same time. Who'd a thunk we could go 7 weeks and 1 day without talking to each other? That sucked big monkey bawls. Yet, once I talked to you, all was right with the world. My baby was ok, you survived. You didnt need me to make everything all right. You are taking care of business yourself and doing it in a large way.

Is it hard? "Absolutely Mom." Does it suck? "Absolutely Mom." Is it rewarding? "Absolutely Mom." Are you having fun too? "LOL yeah, sometimes." I'm going to try and quote you correctly in something you said to me on Christmas Day (our first convo in 7 weeks). "Mom, Its everything I wanted it to be. They are teaching me Leadership, Patience and how to Control My Anger. There are some real retards to deal with here and it can be tough." LOL, you are my kid. You have no idea how happy I was to hear those words. I knew at that moment the Navy was right for you.

I'm so proud of you and I love you bug.

Momma Navy has taken over where I left off. Taken you under her wing, teaching you and molding you into the woman you are supposed to be. Confident, Sure, Proud.


I am always proud of Lauren, anyone who knows me, knows she's all I talk about. Sending her off to the big ol' world alone is one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. And leaving her home, family, friends and city she loves I'm sure is the hardest thing she's ever done. But, she wanted more and I can appreciate that.

Tonight is the pinnacle of Boot Camp. Battle Stations 21. Its everything Lauren and her shipmates have worked so hard for over the past eight weeks. 12 hours of all out intensive mind & body breaking battle stations. They will start tonight as recruits. They will finish as US NAVY SAILORS.

Good Luck Bug. Show 'Em What Your Made Of! Ooh-Rah! Your gonna be livin your dream before you know it!

Congrats on your one year anniversay bug. =)


Capt. Schmoe said...

Proud as you should be PeeDee, as you should be.

Giver her my regards.

Gia's Spot said...

Wow Peedee, I had tears! I bet she is proud of you too, for molding her into the kind of woman she has turned into, I pray the Navy takes as good care of her as you have!!What a great anniversary!

Linnnn said...

Don't let it be inderestimated the contribution YOU have made by raising a daughter who embodies honor, courage, and pride. Parenting is a most difficult boot camp and you graduate with 5 stars!

peedee said...

Thanks Capt, I am a very proud momma. =D

And thanks Gia too. I have no fear of her safty in the Navy at all. I almost feel she's safer there than running around Fort Lauderdale with her friends partying all the time. weird huh?? lol

And thank you Linnnn, she really was one of those "good" kids lol. I got really lucky in that aspect. All I did was add some laughs, lotsa love and a smidgeon of discipline along the way. =)

Mrs. Bunker said...

you're making me cry and it's fucking up my mascara.
congrats to both of you.

peedee said...

I think I <3 you Edith. lmao.

Angelia said...

Wow! Congrats! To you AND Lauren! Unbelievable pride and courage abound, so proud for both of you!
I bet you taught her to ride a bike too! HA.

booshy said...

Wow. That's definitely above and beyond commendable. You have every reason to hold your head high with pride :)