Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Nomad Is On The Move Again

I'm moving this weekend, starting tomorrow. YES I KNOW, moving again. This time is it, I swear!! Bigger place, my big bro is gonna be my roomate, house is next to my parents house, pool, lake, moms cooking!!! The biggest plus is its bigger than a postage stamp.

Anyway, I wont have a wireless router for a couple of days/week because I'm switching to Comcast. Dont ask why, the reason is stupid.

EDIT UPDATE: Last night we started moving things over and everything came to a screeching halt.... BECAUSE WE HAVE PRIORITIES!! We havent got a third of the shit moved in to the new house yet.....but we got the 65 inch TV & XBox working. Nothing got done after it was moved in. ::shakes head:: LOL

Heres a couple of cute puppy pics to keep you all busy while I'm gone.

AND no, there will not be drunk blogging this time. ;) Unless you supply the booze!


Gia's Spot said...

Wow how will I ever find you again when I get there? Ahh no drunk blogging? Crap those were fun! If you need me to keep up the bidding for you on Ediths ensemble on ebay just say the word!! I won't tell that its you bidding!!

Angelia Sims said...

That sounds divine! Lucky YOU!
Well, not the moving part, but the after part, the living next to mom part, YAY!!

peedee said...

Gia, my digits are the'll find me. =)

and Angelia....its gonna be great. My parents are a trip!

Linnnn said...

Remember, lift with your legs! Moving is fraught with ouch potential. And, if anything positive can come from this hellish economic situation, I'd say families, like yours, are knitting themselves together again in a solid front against the onslaught of modern life. Good on you! The Poochie pies just make me giggle...perma-smiles on all, awake or sleeping.

Mrs. Bunker said...

oh come on!! No drunken blogging?
don't be neglectful. Yea, and comcast sucks.

peedee said...

Ummm Linnn, see here about being careful when moving...

And I've never lived more than 5 miles from my parents...except for 1 year. Nearly lost my mind. I like them, no really I do. Good people. And we are consolidating a bit. My big bro and I will both benefit from this significantly financially. Its all good! More play money!!!

Edith, I need to save my liver for when my sister visits next week. Its still tweeked from last weeks escapades. I'm weak I know. And I'm over Direct TV and their bullshit, time to try someone elses bullshit.