Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I been busy, and I dont mean "gettin busy"

Let me state the facts:

I have no internet at home still. FUCK YOU COMCAST and your goddamn wireless router shortage.

I have to actually work at work these days. The days of fucking off for 6.5 of my 7.5 hour day are over people. I've decided that even though I dislike my job, I need my job.

I got nothing else. THATS why I havent posted. I'm in a dry spell and I dont even "write" write so whatever that means, run with it.

This if for you Jessica, ie: booshy. She's got a kickass blog so go read it when I'm absent cause she's funny as shit and writes even when she doesnt "feel" like writing. THATS a real writer for ya.


Mrs. Bunker said...

ok you're excused. GD comcast. hate that work thing too. guess I'm wandering over to Jessica's. Come back soon!

Capt. Schmoe said...

When I switched from DSL to U-Verse, we were without the net for several days. You don't realize how much you use it until it you can't.

That was BEFORE I started writing a Blog.

That dry spell stuff is tough for me too. Good Luck.

peedee said...

I'm in and out during the day at work, but nada at night Edith.

I kinda almost dont mind it Capt....I get a lot more done at home instead of being plastered against the computer screen for hours at a time.

And I TOTALLY WANT U-VERSE!!! AT&T wont have it in my neighborhood until late January. If you only knew what I've been thru with Comcast in the last two weeks. Unbelievable.

Angelia Sims said...


No internet at home? Actually having to work? I am totally picturing Land of the Lost.

Bet it is kinda nice though....Enjoy the BREAK!

Can't believe the sno-balls brought Jessica back to life.

Linnnn said...

Swimming blissful cosmically cute. Makes me feel all floaty and light.

booshy said...

snoballs! could do SO MUCH with snoballs...they're worth like, a WEEK in posts :)

(and thanks for the little shout out. That was totally awesome)