Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Twofer Tuesday - late version

Sue me.  I've been slammed at work and I'm blading everyother night again.  Last night being one of those nights.

Your Twofer Tuesday/Early Wednesday morning version involves the month of September.

This song makes me happy.  And I listen to it all year long, not just in September.  =)
 And this video is wayyyyyyyy groooooooovy. lol

Earth Wind & Fire - September

This song not only makes me happy, it makes me wanna dance too. ;)  I'm going to a T-dance this Sunday afternoon at Voodoo Lounge.  I cant wait because I need to get mah boogie on with my gay boys.  =)
At the 2:25 - 3:25 mark it goes off into a bad ass break.  I'll definatley be requesting the DJ play this one for me.
She's easy on the eyes guys....take a gander.
September - Cry For You


Momma Fargo said...

Great songs! Dance away...just don't fall down on the blades. Can't afford another injury, lady!

nitebyrd said...

September is a good month. ;)

Having no coordination, I try to avoid strapping wheels on my feet. I do envy people that can, though. Wear a helmet!

Anonymous said...

P, there ya go! She is on my iPod for the treadmill. But let me make you laugh... when I've come out of the zone, and am tired/spaced and just winding down at the end of my workout, I've got Alice in Chains, and Lisa Gerrard.

Linda Medrano said...

My husband Alex loves EWF. Me, not so much. When you come to visit, you and Alex can play it.

peedee said...

Tell me about Momma. I refuse to get hurt again!

Yes it is nitebyrd. And I can teach you to blade!! Its a lot easier than you think. We'll get you some blades and a hockey stick. I'll show you!! xoxo

SCRN?? Is that you?? AIC's is a favorite of mine too, Cause I'm just a rat in a cage! I'll have to check out Lisa G. I'll let ya know what I think. ;)

Only that song Linda!! And once every 6 months or at weddings! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Yup twas me.

AIC: Your Decision, Black Gives Way to Blue

Gerrard: Biking Home (keep listening), See The Sun

When you are cooling down, go with the hypnotics, you'll be so relaxed and buzzed after working out hard.


Mrs. Bunker said...

Thank you! After watching the EWF video, now I know what to wear to the wedding!