Saturday, September 4, 2010

True Religion Is My New Religion

So yesterday (Friday) started out ok.  It was Friday after all.  We get bagels at work for breakfast (bonus!).  I was getting out early because I put in for 3 hours of PTO months ago.

I knew I was not going to want to sit around the office on the Friday afternoon before Labor Day.  Can you say torture??  Shit, regular non-holiday weekend Friday afternoons feel like after school detention.

So I took off at 1:30 and hung out with the sistah, Ginger.  We went and ran some errands then stopped and had some yummy Chicago dogs at Hot Dog Heaven.  So good!!

Ging dropped me off at home afterwards and my boss, Valerie picked me up around 3pm.  We were going to do some retail therapy.  I needed it.  She needed it.  We were doing it!  I had 2 AMEX gift cards worth $150.00 burning a hole in my pocket.  I won them at work this week for being awesome! lol  Another reason to shop!!

So we hit Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall.  This place is ginormous.  If you walk it from one end to the other and back again its like 5 miles.   5 miles of glorious Labor Day sales on top of Outlet prices.  We are not stupid.  We know how to shop.  =)
We hit the usual stores Nordstrom Rack, J Crew, Gap, Vicky Secrets and more.  Then we went to a new section of stores that had been built since the last time I was there (almost two years ago).

Its a group of high-end outlet stores.  We were enjoying our stroll, looking in the windows of Coach, Burberry, Giorgio Armani, Theory, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Juicy Couture and then my jaw hit the ground.  There in front of me was the store of all stores for me right now......

You see I was in the mall today mainly to buy underwear. Yeah, glamorous but I need it! I need smaller ones since my fat ass has gotten smaller. So yeah, I got my undies and then I see this damn store.

Ginger has given me a bunch of her old jeans since we wear the same size now in most of them. I've gotten a pair of Lucky Jeans, a couple of American Eagles and even a pair of Seven's out of her. Awesomeness yes indeedy. But a girl likes to buy her own jeans! I've only brought one pair since I lost enough weight to make it worthwhile. It was a pair of Gap 1969's.

I wanted a pair of Gingers True Religions since she let me "just try them on", one day. They fit like a glove and look awesome if I dont say so myself. lol

Our typical conversation:

Me: Let me wear them tonight Ging, pleeeeeeeease!!

G: Your smokin' crack-rock again. No one wears my True Religions but me.

Me: But I'm not just anyone!! I'm your sister!! Your favorite sister!!

G: And because you're my favorite sister, I'd give you a kidney if you needed it but you're not wearing my True Religions.

Me: pffft. Meanie.

G: Tell you what. I'll leave them to you in my will.

Me: I'm leaving you my collection of Navel fluff.

I covet her jeans because they fit soooo well.   Hot, hot, HAWT jeans people!  But they have a not so hot price of $220.00 and up. Easily UP.  Ging has always told me to only buy them online, on Ebay,, for no more than $79.00.  Yeah Ginger, I'm going to pay $230 for jeans anytime soon.
Of course I say I'll look for them on Ebay. I just never get around to it. =(

So into my holy grail of jeans stores we go. I was just going to try on a couple of different styles so I know which ones to order when I finally get around to looking for them on Ebay. The lovely young lady working in the store proceeds to tell me they are having a big Labor Day sale. OH REALLY!!! Yep, any jeans marked down to $99 were also given a 20% discount. Oh my.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I am now the proud owner of a pair of True Religion jeans. I might sleep in them. Forever.

We left the mall after this little stop. I had bags from J Crew, The Gap, Hanes, Vicky Secrets and although I was bad, I was good really.

I left the True Religion store with $259.00 jeans for $79.99 and two True Religion t-shirts for $45.00. Said t-shirts full price total = $120.00.  And just so you know, one of those t-shirts was for my beloved sister Ginger. lol  =)  I don't hold grudges.  I might even let her wear my beautiful True Religions one day. 

So my Labor Day weekend has started out really well.  Tomorrow is a beachy morning and then a haircut and then a "Thank God Football Season is Here" party.  Should be fun!  Sunday and Monday will be beach days.  Just how I like them!

Hope you all have a great time doing whatever you're doing too!



vixen kitten said...

What? No pic?

This was a pefect photo opp to show off your sexy ass.

Garsh. Do I have to teach you everything?

Enjoy your weekend, Sugar.


Linda Medrano said...

I am so happy about your jeans! Wonderful! Now I want some. I'm like that. If you get something, I want it too. And Vixen is correct, where is the picture? I want to see!

Have a fun weekend and wear sunscreen.

peedee said...

mmmm, NO VK, no pics. lol xoxo

Go get em Linda. They'll make your ass look hawt!! xoxo

meleah rebeccah said...

"regular non-holiday weekend Friday afternoons feel like after school detention."

ahahahahhahahahahaha! That made me laugh out loud because its sooooo true!