Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Shtuff I've Lost

So last week I received and invitation for Google+. Its the new FaceBook and supposed to be better than sliced bread for those of you who couldn't give a shit. So far there is not too much to give a shit about.

Anywho....I go about signing up for this awesome newness and things got a little screwed up. I kept trying to sign in with my gmail account and my puter kept pulling Lauren's gmail account. (her puter is broke, so she's been using mine)
I got frustrated and mixed everything up. Eventually I just figured, I'll delete my old gmail, cause I don't really use it and just create a new one. Aha! Problem solved.




Yes I read the warnings when I was deleting said gmail. Yes, I agreed to said warnings too. I didn't care. I don't need that account. I USE different email accounts.

Delete. Bye, bye old email. Hello new email.

What?? Why can't I have a new email?? What?? I don't understand. YES I had a gmail before but I DONT WANT that one anymore!! Ok, Ok, just gimme my old email back.

Needless to say after much finagling with with Google and their system, I got my old email account back.

I figure shit out with the Google+ and open my Brandy New INVITATION ONLY Google+ account and go on about my existence.

Until two days later when I go to click on a YouTube video of mine that I posted on a friends page.

I may have been alone in my living room with two dogs and a cat but I was talking to them. VERY LOUDLY.


I did it.

Long story short, that old gmail account was the PRIMARY email for the YouTube account and even though I sign in with a different email, it doesnt matter. I gave them permission to delete my account and Every.Video.I'd.Ever.Made with said account.

I was crushed to say the least. I was able to restore my YouTube account but as promised by everything I read trying to figure out how to do it, No videos were restored. They are gone. Every last one. 3 years or so of videos. I don't really care about the ones of the dogs and stuff. I can make new ones.

BUT, there are about 5 videos I will mourn forever because they were stored no where else. My bad. My loss. My reason for crying myself to sleep that night.

Every one of Laurens PIR (graduation) videos from Navy Boot Camp were on my YouTube account. Awesome, proud moments that are now only in my ever fading memory.
The video of her leading her division in. The video of her standing proud in her white belt all out in front.

The video of her finally seeing us in the crowd (20 minutes into the ceremony) after not seeing us for 2 months. My sister caught that moment on video and its magical. (I should say it was magical) She's video taping and they called Laurens division for something so of course the majority of the division family was sitting there in front of them. As we screamed, you could see it on the video, her head never moved, just her eyes. And the moment she sees us, they got really big. No smile, just a small movement at the corner of her mouth trying to smile. And her eyes were blinking fast. She was trying not to cry while I became a blubbering idiot. You can hear me on the video jumping up and down saying, "she sees us!!" "she sees us!!" And see us she did. It was a great moment.

So this is your warning. Know what your accounts are connected to now that the interwebs are getting so connected and jumbled. And I need to get an external hardrive. For real.

I can't leave you all depressed and shit so here is the newest cuteness to occur...

I'll make some more wrasslin videos soon.


Old NFO said...

I'm truly sorry to hear that peedee.. that sucks in so many ways.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Another reason I don't update to New Blogger or New Yahoo or "new" ANYTHING that I'm not FORCED to.

I'm just a damned grouch.


meleah rebeccah said...

I'm not a fan of Google+. And I am SO sorry to hear you lost all of your videos on your YouTube account. Especially the ones that weren't saved/stored elsewhere. I'd be LIVID.

Omnibus Driver said...

So sorry you lost those precious videos.

Google+ is evil -- people add you to circles without your permission, and you end up with an inbox full of posts whether you want them or not. You must opt out to make it stop.

I have an RSS feed that allows me to pick and choose what I read at any give time, and I like it that way.

I'd rather opt in than opt out.

Google is the Evil Empire.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

PD, you every coming back. . . ??


peedee said...

I dunno BZ. I'm kinda lost right now. Maybe someday. Miss you. xoxo

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Well, don't feel bad, we're all lost on this national boat.

Sometimes I think I'M on the Costa Concordia. . .


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Hello baby.

Just checking in.

One year later. . .