Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day Massacre

3 months of nothing. 

1. I'm alive
2. I'm well.  Really.
3. I lost my writing mojo.
4. I had no laptop/puter since October.
5. I got my laptop fixed.  Finally. 
6. I got my fixed laptop back.  Today.
7. Things are changing around here.
8. I'm gonna have a new roomate soon.
9. This roomate is in addition to my other roomate (brother).
10. This roomate is my favorite person in the world.
11. I'm happy, fucking giddy happy about this.  But sentimental and sad at the same time.
12. I'm still trying to wrap my head around all thats happened in the last 2 months.
13. The boys are well.  Still crazy.  Still eating me out of house and home.
14. I've missed you all.  I'm sorry I suck.  Forgive me?

My personal life has been just like a Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare....lately.  Not even the Book of Face is privy to the kaos. 

Matt and Kim.  Cute kids who write catchy little tunes.
Keep an eye on these two Edith. 

Fuckit.  One more.
I ADORE this song.  Accoustic version is so much better than the origional. 
Maroon 5 Misery

I'm not in Misery.  Really.  Just love th song.  And Adam Levine.  Flippen hawt.

I'll be around. 
p.s. I changed my blog address because the powers that be at work were snooping and I really didnt want them finding this. Sooooooo, that being said, when I changed it I lost all my blogs I read for some reason. Blogs I LOVE. Please comment, email me or something so I can have your blogs back on my list.


nitebyrd said...

It's good to know that you are still around even if your life is crazy. You've been missed. Hope things will settle down to a dull roar for you soon! XOXO

Danielle said...

I just emailed you the other day. not sure you got it but glad to see you back and good!

vixen kitten said...

It's about freaking time. Who do you think you are taking off for months at a time like that....me?

I missed you, Sugar. Welcome back.


PS...I can forgive the blog break, but no texts either? Sheesh that may be unforgivable!

Old NFO said...

Glad to hear you're still in one piece :-) welcome back!

peedee said...

Its good to be back. ;)

Momma Fargo said...

So glad you are back! Missed you bunches. Glad you commented on my blog..thought you had gone AWOL. Hugs!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Miss you when you don't write regularly. Miss you anyway.